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There’s a new flower growing up in the indie, electro pop music garden. Fresh and refreshing, working on the release of a debut album. The pre-released tracks have a scent of blissful pop fun, a sweet taste of simplicity. Lilah Rose has a voice. Dense like a haze of heavy smoke crawling and stretching in the air, her words are dawdling, dragging idle harmonics merged into one another.

Curious and really wishing to see her achieve her project of crowdfunded first album, i also realized how lucky we are, being to chat geniuinely composers and producers in the simplest way, and we’re even able to help them if we want to, it’s not just buying a CD or a vinyl, beyond the basic consumption of goods our interest has become part of a creation process. What was unbalanced once (our relationship to artists) is more even now. We can cut the crap of the business thing and make simple compliments about the quality of the music and get back a simple thanks, acting like normal people.

To know more about Lilah (and not Lila – but you’re smart enough to have noticed the difference…) we asked her a few questions, here are her answers.

Who are you Lilah Rose ?
I am a female electro pop / indie-rock loop musician from Arizona who believes in creativity.

I saw on a video that you started your first public concert with an acoustic guitar, what decided you to switch to electronic music ?
When I was attending art school at SMFA in Boston, I was able to buy my first MacBook Pro which ensued many restless nights making pop dance tunes with my keyboard. Soon after, I started to record myself singing and harmonizing melodies. Now, I have a whole electronic set up complete with a vocal looper and keyboard! It wasn’t until 2013 that I actually released something mixed and mastered by my friend, Chad Wahlbrink, which was Christmas Spirit. My talented artistic soul sister, Janelle Cordova, and I then proceeded to release visuals corresponding with the music.

Let’s talk about influences and comparisons, but rather than me comparing you to others artists i let you do it ? Who do feel close to musically speaking ? Who inspires you ?
I love Enya. I love her composition and beautiful synth tones. It really soothes and makes me happy. I also love a beat/synth that shakes my body when I hear it live. I love Grimes because she is  amazing and innovative. I love to listen to anyone who puts it out there in a creative way.

You launched a crowdfunding project to finance the recording of your first album, how is the project going on ?
The project is going great and has been extended! I have until September 14 to raise funds for my campaign, which is exciting because I have raised $2,300 (77%) of $3,000 so far! It’s so rewarding to have a crowd of people supporting you. I am so immensely grateful.

Why go through a crowdfunding process ?
I hear it can be a rewarding process, and I get to reach a whole brand new crowd. It’s been teaching me so much about marketing and communicating my craft to a community. I learn something new everyday.

Why naming your first album Poltergeist ?
The official definition of Poltergeist is:
pol·ter·geist (p l t r-g st )
A spirit believed to manifest its presence by noises, rappings, and the creation of disorder. To me, this album is musically just that. I hear upbeat, ghostly synths and vocal harmonies. Apart from the tonal attributes, I lost a dear friend of mine, Amanda Rae, in 2012. Since then her spirit has been a part of the creation in all I do. We thrived on the creation of disorder growing up. This album has her sparkle within it, and it is inspired by her fun, vivacious spirit.

How many tracks have you recorded so far ?
Poltergeist is a completely original 10 song composition, mixed and mastered by Chad Wahlbrink. The upcoming studio album in progress has 14 original songs on it, ranging from guitar and  keyboard tracks with loops and a full band. I’m proud to say the album is coming along beautifully, I’m so excited to see the songs taking shape! I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Apart from the sound engineering, did you work on the album alone ?
Yes. I wrote, produced, recorded, and did the instrumentation of all the songs on my album Poltergeist. The project has come a very long way in five years. The current full-length studio album in progress has studio musicians and a producer/sound engineer on it to guide things along smoothly, but it’s all my original material.

You’ve released two tracks already Christmas Spirit and To Feel, will the whole album have an electronic flavour ?
Yes this particular album, Poltergeist, will be completely electronic and dance worthy.

Do you prepare a live show ?
I sure do. It takes me a lot of practice. I use Ableton mixed with live percussion, keyboards, and a vocal loop processor.

Would you be alone on stage ?
It depends which venue I am playing. If it is a full band set, I have some really cool band mates that join me. Zephan Cooper plays guitar and Christian Puckett plays drums. I have a festival coming up in Albuquerque, NM called Gatas Y Vatas which showcases solo female musicians, in which case it’s just me and my electro gear.

Any collaboration coming up ?
Yes, I have my album coming up which means practicing everyday, with my band and by myself, so I am constantly working with other musicians. In terms of shows, I am focusing mostly on getting my studio album done and recorded. I do however have three shows coming up in Albuquerque, NM, this month of September. Saturday the 13th @ Blackbird, Friday the 19th @ Gatas Y Vatas (at The Kosmos), which showcases weird & wise (solo) female musicians and artists alike. And lastly, Sunday the 28th @ Low Spirits. I am excited to integrate myself musically in NM.

On your video for To feel there’s some humour and theatre acting, it’s quite refreshing to see someone not taking things too seriously and mostly enjoying her music. Is it the real you or the schizoïd possessed one that acts in your videos ?
Thanks! It’s both. It’s just something I am capable of projecting I suppose. I love to dance and this video gave me a perfect platform to dance madly around public. After I ran past people, they would ask me what I was doing and I would get to see them smile and give their encouragement to the project.

(You also make amazing explosion sound effects – NDLR Lilah Rose Indiegogo Promo Uno -, can you teach us a few tricks to do the same ?)

Haaa those are real fireworks! It was 4th of July so I pulled out the camera and used all the explosives as an opportunity.

Do you know on which plateform you’ll release your album ?
I am using CD Baby to release Poltergeist after the Indiegogo campaign is over. As far as the album in progress, the release is TBA but I believe it’ll be though CD Baby as well.

Do you know what that is ?
Hmm no, not so sure please explain!

To Feel is available as “a pay what you want” download on Lilah‘s Bandcamp page !

Lilah Rose’s project page can be found : HERE !

Thanks to Lilah Rose for sharing a bit of her time. Thanks also for helping understand that everytime i’ve asked “prom pictures” i might have confused people letting them think i was some kind of weirdo wanting to check what they looked like during their school years 🙂

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