Great meeting of men here, USA via Netherland’s Process Rebel and Brazil’s Transnational Bass original Maga Bo and also a great meeting of minds and musical ideas. They also recruit Capetown’s Teba Shumba on vox for a mesmerizing foray into dark Kwaito, Dub-Tribal, Industrial and Tropical riddims for a truly Transnational affair.

The EP opens with the dark, brooding Kwaito of the title track with Teba singing in his native slang that combines the languages of Zulu and Xhosa but sounding like he could have come from the son of a Ragga God.

“Like A Punk” is my fave with its Post-Apocalyptic Dub-Tribal stylings making the track a perfect fit as soundtrack material for any Boyle/Coppola flick. Real killa track and that bassline is raw!

“Tropical Operator Riddim” continues the Tropical Rainforest theme that underpins the whole EP. With shakers and a typically Amazon type melody this track is the soundtrack to your journey into the deepest heart of the Brazilian Rainforest.

The final track, “For The Grace” re-works the previous track with the addition of Shumba’s African influence that makes the track come alive and ready for the underground dancefloors of the world.

A great Transnational offering to the Gods! Cop it from Bandcamp.

Transnational bass ambassador Maga Bo (Rio) meets the genre-slippery but industrially heavy Process Rebel (Amsterdam) to create an EP that explodes fresh amalgams of urban electronic music. The producers enlisted Teba Shumba (Cape Town) for lyrics and vocals when the three had a chance meeting in Amsterdam during overlapping European tours. All of the vocal recording and final mixes were done at Process Rebel’s studio in Amsterdam.

Here’s a couple of cool promo vids too:

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