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Almost 18 months since ArabTeK 1 and so here’s Vol 2 full of Arabian flava’s in House, Deep House, Electro, Tech-House, Acid, Techno and Sufi House stylee!

A mix of new tracks and stuff that has been in my record bag for years and they hold great memories.

I can’t ever remember Arabian vibes ever failing me, they always worked for me and the music from that region will be with me forever!

Cop the download now and watch out for ArabTronix Volume 3 coming soon!

ArabTek VoL 2 [<3 UMB] (SEPTEMBER 2014) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud


مرحبا، – كيف

حالك؟ – أنا

أنا – بخير. –

أعرف – السبب

أن – الرب

قريبا، – قادمة،

قادمة – قريبا

قد – نع

يش – لنرى

الفجر – يش

الله – الله

أكبر – الله أكبر

لك – الحب

إلى – الأبد

إذا – كنت

تعمل – من

ذلك – أنك

عبقري – إذا

Artwork (adapted by me)- Hannah Habibi –

Mastered by Celt Islam

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