As we are nearing the festival I work for, the splendid INCUBATE, which will kick off next monday the 15th with over 300 acts, artists, films and performances, my online prowling time is getting less and less. I did manage to score some excellent stuff for you though. So please enjoy this weekly round-up of the best and brightest techno, industrial and dark experimental house..

Starting this week’s roundup with one hell of a bang. NTOGN‘s drops fire on his own new imprint TOME: The first chapter of my own imprint Tome is a sonic interpretation of the Bardo Thödol, also known as The Tibetan Book of the Dead. This 1300 year old book is a funerary text that tells the life cycle of our souls. Shinay is our soul’s lifetime in physical form, encapsulating two other bardos: Milam (Dreams) and Samten (Meditation). The Shinay bardo lasts until our consciousness or mindstream leaves our body on death. We then enter Chikkhai, the death transit, in which we experience the ‘clear light’, followed by unconsciousness and the Chönyid bardo: A series of dream or trance-like visions and auditory sensations that each being experiences differently based on their remaining karmas, particularly their intense aversions or desires. After this powerful illumination, we finally enter the last bardo: Sidpa, where we instigate the process of becoming or being reborn.

Listen carefully. // Body. Mind. Spirit.

awesome dark techno from one of the masters in the genre:

The mighty OPAL TAPES dropped a new track by the poster girl of house nerds worldwide XOSAR. Great tune, dark and evil sounding and very lofi. Just the way I like my rave quoting bad boy.. ehh girl… house!

also: this sounds like me about 5 years ago. so gotta love it 🙂

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier is a musician, sound / visual artist, and designer from Montreal. His works explore tendencies like hybridity, minimalism and saturation; and tend to recreate present human experiences such as ambiguity, conflict and discomfort.That’s fancy talk for a cross between EBM and industrial techno without the speed but WITH the icy 80’s atmosphere:

Cant find anything on this producer called xARCHESx, but sounds dangerously like a more industrial side project of something like CASSEGRAINS. Some great tunes online. This is the best I think, get hip:

a new jam by MOON B is always cool to check out. nice strings in this one and a perfect slowly evolving melodies. upcoming on PEOPLES POTENTIAL UNLIMITED.

Going out with a new track by yours truly. Less melodic, more droney type structures. enjoy!

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