Great Edit of this classic Amadou & Miriam track by one of Scotland’s finest Producer exports.

Whilst staying faithful to the original Twitch adds his personality to the edit in his own typical style transforming the track from a Desert Blues Rocker into a Desert Blues Dancer!

Always interesting to hear what he has to say too:

Autonomous Africa – AA Bonus 10 – Limited edition one sided 10″, due 15th September 2014. Vinyl only release. Distributed by Above Board.

This edit (originally created in 2008 for my dj sets) was supposed to be included on the recently released third Autonomous Africa 12″. Unfortunately I didn’t get permission to use it in time for that release but permission has now been given, so rather than wait for AA 004 in 2015 it is going to come out as a limited edition hand stamped 10″ as soon as possible. All proceeds will once again go to the Mtandika mission in Tanzania – www.actioninafrica.org/about-mtandika.php

Mastered by Matt Colton.

A big thanks to Ben UFO and Midland for championing this edit. The interest they generated directly led to the motivation for this release.

Also here is a wonderful mix that he has put together of obscure and rare Jamaican music that he’s recorded live from a gig and half of which is an after the event home jam all live on the fly, just the way I personally love it:

What he says:

Bucky Skank is my hobby. I’ve loved Jamaican and Jamaican inspired / influenced music for nearly my whole musical life. I don’t consider myself an expert in any way but over the years I have amassed quite a lot of this music and it is one of a very few forms of music I can listen to all day without getting bored.

I have played about a half dozen full sets of this music and it has been like learning how to dj all over again. All those sets had a slightly shambolic edge to them as I found my feet but have been wonderful, if nerve wracking fun as I scrambled in the dark to find the right 7″ to play next. It’s definitely not something I’d like to do all the time but doing it one or two times a year is a true joy, so a big thanks to those who have come along and danced.

There is also the Bucky Skank label, again very much a hobby which releases a couple of 12″s each year (the first one now sold out, the second one due shortly).

Anyway, here’s a two hour mix featuring some of what I played at this year’s Bucky Skank in Glasgow. Half of it was recorded on the night and half after the fact, at home. Hopefully the joins aren’t too noticeable. A tiny handful of the tracks were on the mix I put up a couple of years ago (The Upsetters’ “Bucky Skank” will of course appear in every Bucky Skank set I do and bookends this mix albeit in different versions). if you are looking for totally obscure, ultra rare Jamaican music, this is probably not for you but if you want to hear some of the myriad sounds that have come out of that small island or that it has inspired, hopefully it will be enjoyable; plenty of hits and lots of personal favourites from across 50 years (1964 – 2014), ranging from Barrington Levy, Bim Sherman, Prince Far I and Tenor Saw to Kahn, Cutty Ranks and Lady Saw.

The mix is “augmented” with my dub siren, some space echo and Maschine being used to trigger some additional sounds and samples.

The mix is a little over two hours long, is a downloadable 256kbps mp3 and is 230mb.

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