There is so much unrealized potential in that thing called “FOdênCia” that I’m shocked that people are still not picking up on it!!!

As Okayafrica said:

“‘Fodencia’ is an under-the-radar subgenre of tarraxo that’s forbidden in Portuguese clubs. There’s very little online about the genre, but with last year’s burst of zouk bass and its accompanying Tarraxinha/Tarraxo revival, fodencia has started to be gathered up by those closely plugged to the scene.”

We did a big feature on it some time back, I think the first mass feature on it anywhere – INTRODUCING THE FORBIDDEN TARRAXO – FODENCIA.

One of the guys from the Portuguese Bass New Wave (one of the ones who originally started making it) is back at it with this new number with a Futuristic slant, I hope there are lots more to come.

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