Laboreal, a new name for a new project and a new life as well. French producer Maxime Robin started this new project recently to explore new fields, enrich the spectrum of his music, rediscover some of his former unreleased materials to transformer this raw matter, to sand it, refine it, rout the noise into harmonies, carve new melodies and finally share the result with us.

To know more about him, i asked him a few questions, and he kindly accepted to answer (in French – i do apologize for the translation that might be a bit loose from time to time)

GB : Can tell us about your beginning in music, how did you get into it ?

Basically i mostly listened to music before even thinking to produce some. Then at 16 i worked on a software named Acid Pro. I used to do micro samples from what i heard on the TV with a minidisc.

GB : Before being Laboreal you were Pix, can talk about this period ?

It was a time when myspace allowed to connect with artists. I started some collaborations with German artists who worked on ambient music. In 2005 i was listening quite a lot to electronic music. I really loved starting my tracks on my mpc then finishing them on my laptop. I experimented a lot of textures as well as the use of plugins.

GB : For a long time you stood for free copyleft music, with numerous releases on Fresh Poulp Records netlabel – which was very active between 2004 and 2010. What about it today ?

At that time, there was a lot of shared music on the net and Fresh Poulp was a real opportunity for me. I never composed for money and it allowed me to share my things with other artists from the label via creative common. Today this label is more dub-oriented which explains why i haven’t released anything on it since 2011.

GB : You now sell you music at a really affordable price, why didn’t you go for more commercial music platforms with a better cashback ?

I simply decided to produce myself my music without any musical platforms. I didn’t get the chance to find a label as well.

GB : Can you talk about Laboreal?

It’s the moniker i use nowadays. It’s a play on words mixing laboratory and borealis aurora. Sounds with a stronger electronic flavour, a kind of luminous laboratory where i settle myself to play with sounds. Today i spend less time listening to music, however i take as much time, even more to produce tracks. I also work on the sound design of video projects. Music on image really appeals me.



GB : In a previous conversation you told me you chose to follow the difficult and solitary path of music composing. What motivated you ?

The fact of waking up every morning, my head filled with new ideas of tracks, mainly. It’s a passion which doesn’t generate a lot of money, but i chose to do what i love, if i can live out of it one day, it’ll be fine, but it’s truely not the case at this moment.

GB : Your EP Time displays a large spectrum of you music ; we get some ambient downtempo, atmospheric deep house, and solid and sophisticated electronica. Can tell us a bit about the creation of the tracks ?

It depends on the titles. Sometimes it is a rework of previous unreleased tracks that i had discarted to completly transform them, twitching and resampling them. Sometimes there’s a melody or rhythm pattern that initiates the work flow. For this project i reworked old tracks in 5 days. That is a track a day to fit the « time » theme of the project.

GB : You have a live project in mind i believe ?

So, it’s true but it’s something i’ve never done alone. I’d love to give it a try to test my tracks with an audience.

GB : Any upcoming releases ?

Yes, i’m working on a few tracks atm. Another album should be released at the end of year.

(And here we are, the new album can be fully streamed)


So as you’ve read, Maxime Robin produced a lot of music as Pix. You can discover, enjoy listening and freely download his two released works on Fresh Poulp Records for free or via Bandcamp paying a small fee.


Pix – Neuroleptic (Free download link)


Pix – Multiple (Free download link)


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