Over a year ago, I was invited to visit the synth walhalla of the world. A studio filled with super rare and super awesome all ANALOGUE synths. I worked there for two days on some new stuff, which I have ben using in my songs ever since. But I also just recovered a DAT I made with sounds and hits only. I didnt have any time to cut those samples up and fine tune the thing until this last weekend.

the studio has been moved and rebranded in the meantime as KLANGENDUM, check out more on them at that link. The really cool part is that you can actually apply for a residency there! So please so. There’s a world of modular synthesis in that room that few people have the pleasure to work with, but it’s open and the guys who run it are really DIY, so if you send them an email and let them know what you want to do, chances are you’ll be able to work with that great stuff. They are located in Rotterdam, check it out.

This is an awesome pic of some modular stuf I used for the kicks and snares in this pack:

and this is the other side of the studio, see the awesomeness on the racks there folks:

So I recorded a bunch of hits, some bass synth samples, some synth samples and a bunch of kicks and snares and hihats and stuff. This is all 100% analogue. Recorded through an analogue mixing desk straight to my computer in 32 bit float. So the sound quality is really good…

so here it is, enjoy and please use as much of it as possible:

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