Can’t really think of a better mix series than the ones by DIS Mag, they always introduce something fresh, new and totally mind-blowing with each mix.

Same goes for this mix too by Onika who has fewer than 500 followers on her soundcloud account and I have no idea or clue who she is. I’m not sure I’m suppose to know, am I?

Strangely, Nicki Minaj’s real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, surely it can’t be her, can it?  Maybe I’m just missing the mark by quite a wide margin with all this speculation, possibly so.  I did an online search and I couldn’t find anything related to Onika except Nicki Minaj and her perfume!!!

Anyway, it’s all original tracks by Onika, whomever she is and it’s kinda got that Minaj quirkiness to it too, which adds to the speculation and to the weirdness of never having heard of this artist before.  Maybe, I should get out of the Trans Bass cave more often to know what’s going down!

It’s pretty dope stuff, whomever it is and I’m sold!

Track list:

diamnds baby
bounce (healthy)
Play stripped

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