It has been a couple of weeks already since the Tanzanian hiphop crew Watengwa arrived on Dutch soil to work and perform together with the lords of dark trap: Gameface and BLVCK. A report of this will appear soon on Generation Bass. But while you wait, we’ve got more exciting stuff from Gameface here already!

Since a month, he has a side account on Soundcloud, GameFaceLab, where he drops snippets of experiments and ideas he is working on.. Welcome to the alchemist’s workshop, where vibes and sounds are thrown into the melting-pot, torn apart and recombined, forging new sounds for the future.

These aren’t full tracks yet and many will probably never be released officially. But they’re fantastic! Mostly in Gameface’s signature-style of mystical-dark trap, while some others explore some smoother grooves. But one thing blew my mind more than anything when I saw it on my soundcloud stream yesterday: he actually made a moombahton track (‘Ratchet’) which is just the perfect combination between Gameface’s unique, Indian-flavoured dark specialty and pumping dembow beats!


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