Sorry for the absence the last couple of weeks folks, my day job at the mighty INCUBATE festival consumed all my time and attention and I don’t like writing these posts half-assed. But I’m back for your dose of techno from the dark side.. lets dig in!

Lets kick off with one of the coolest labels around right now, the awesome LONDON boys of WHERE TO NOW have been dropping some of the most interesting experimental house and techno around.Most of it gets released on cassette tape, that long lost format of the past. So you best go buy a tape deck soon cause you dont want to miss out on all of this! 4 SUPERB tracks on that label:

Our fav Dutch weirdo producer LEGOWELT strikes again with some good stuff. Occult Orientated Crime. Sounds as good as it is. Darkness and light balancing each other out. well, maybe the darkness is winning, but just a little bit 🙂

I dont know how I dont know why, but I just missed a new release by one of my fav new Industrial acts out there called ASSS. This is to make up for that. Two great tracks by this American duo:

Our friend LOW JACK also just dropped the first release on his label GRAVATS, this is a strong track with industrial elements that remind you where the LIES crew got its grit from. Awesome record this! Highly exclusive 7″ in a limited edition I’m sure, so be SURE to snatch that one up if you bump into it? Clear vinyl cool sounds, the works!

Imma leave you with a new thing on HOUNDSTOOTH, and a GREAT record as well. Full on darkness on this record from Second Storey. Describing the music on Double Divide, Second Storey says: “The title of the album, ‘Double Divide’ refers to the different ideas I found myself exploring as the album progressed, relating to tension and release. The ‘Double’ being the double-intensity beat driven tracks and the ‘Divide’ being the antidote in the form of the ambient or more introspective moments.” This duality is on display throughout the album, which hints at his wide-ranging influences, from the complex rhythmic structures and emotive melodic phrases of Aphex Twin and Autechre, the funk of Prince to Parliament, the crazed robotics of Drexciya and the raw techno sludge of Cristian Vogel and Neil Landstrumm, right through to dark drum and bass of artists like Ed Rush & Optical. Big names to drop, but this cat delivers… check his album out below, its balanced and strong!

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