“A space such as Palestine is full of influences that make one think about the very meaning of sound itself………..

Sound in Palestine is affected by instantaneous elements. During the Intifada, the sonic experience was terrifying. A tank moving on a street would produce the feeling of an earthquake. The sounds made by these instruments of war relied heavily on momentary experiences, which gave a feeling of unpredictability as to what would happen next. I find the state of being in Palestine very similar to experimental sound production, as the latter is not independent, but rather unstable, broken, volatile, disturbing, and quite cacophonous, not unlike the sounds of war.”

“Shams Asma” is the brainchild of Palestinian Experimental Music Artist Asma Ghanem. Shams Asma means both ‘Asma’s Sun’, and ‘Highest Sun’ in Arabic.   It’s a really interesting project in concept and sound and you can read a whole load more about from an article that Asma did for REORIENT Magazine some time ago.   You can also check out and discover some more sounds from other artists in the Experimental Arabia camp via that article.

For now take a listen to her project. I love the first track and the last one with Stormtrap!

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