Swiss Producer Tillup aka Tillo Spreng drops his His new EP on this little influential label.

His EP “Bricky Leaks” comes along sexy and smooth, yet club proof with elements of Future Tarraxo, Zouk, Dancehall, Bass and Footwork. Its closest allies would be “Future Tarraxo” label mates Bison & Squareffekt!

The first track on the Ep is aptly named as it opens with an “Impact”. It features his Swiss sidekick and co-producer by the name of R.A.P.H.A. This track is full of 80’s Sci-Fi sounds. This track would make a perfect score for a remake of that cult classic “Escape from New York”!

“Lay Down” starts with a gorgeous RNB feel that transforms into some Cinematic Sci-Fi Future Tarraxo. A perfect fit for any teen movie about aliens and shit!

On “Daytona 2000” he combines Zouk-ish vibes with Footwork to create a hypnotic jazzy infused piece that would not seem out-of-place on the infamous Jazz label Verve!

All in all 3 great Future Tarraxo tracks that will hopefully pave the way for more material with this kind of vibe.

The whole EP will be dropping for free later this week but for now you can grab 2 awesome free remixes from his soundcloud page:

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