Tropkillaz shaked the brazilian trap music. Boa Noite and Mambo is 2 big hits from Zegon and André Lauds. Now, they asked for few friends for remixes, incluinding our global bass producer friend, JSTJR. But to start, lets see the remix of Cesqeaux, from Netherlands (my favorite):

This remix is my favorite, the producer re-create the track using 90% of same sample of original track. He replace it and increased with little details. The heavy bass line is the one of main element of this remix. And you can listen it for 2,3-4 times and won’t will be tired of it.

The remix from JSTJR is creative. He used differents influences to remix this track, inclunding beats from funk carioca (YEAH!). With big rhythm and a interest dinamic of beats, this is my second favorite remix. Here, the beats is the most interesting part, not the bass line.

Finishing this post, Flying Buff, duo from SP, remixed Boa Noite with a electro synth with a crazy drop hahahaha.This duo are the promise to future on brazilian bass music.


You can download all this remixes and official track for free, they are on BUUUM Trax, new brazilian label. The Dj Zegon is the director of this label and they are promissing to shake brazilian bass music scene (there is more two labels: Tralala and Ganza). All this labels have the support (you can read money) of brazilian beer brand, Skol in project Skol Music.

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