hey guys, it’s your favourite web hound with some new gems of the industrial techno / techno / abstract / weird house / noise kind…I found some really good stuff this week, so I’m just going to dive right in here:

D. Tiffany drops some seriously dark stuff with his new track zZzz. I love how those eerie strings keep going and then suddenly drop out. drums and percussion are awesome and then the vocal snippet is making it all hypnotic. really cool. check it:

Interesting little label COS_MOS follows up an EP from Clendon Toblerone with a new one by Italian duo Life’s Track. Previously the pair have released together the Bosconi label and always favour a raw, analogue house sound that is physical as well as emotive. The first track here is ‘Stone’, a hurried house jam with raw and splintered hi hats racing over broken sounding drums as urgent synth stabs fill in the spaces left behind. It’s live sounding and loose, ghetto in texture and truly arresting in nature. The b-side starts with ‘Velocity’, another over-driven bit of house with non-stop claps chattering over slower, purposeful kick drums deep down below. Nagging synths slowly shape shift and draw you attention away from the physical percussion, making for a nice duality to the track. Lastly, ‘Invisible Symphony’ is a stripped back techno banger with heavy kicks, a great little hook at its heart and turbo charged synths slicing through it like lasers. This is no nonsense, high impact house and techno that takes no prisoners.

One of my fav incognito collectives of late is the mighty RSS B0YS from Poland (I think?) who keep bringing their twisted version of techno and industrial to us via the webz. This is a speedy and dark transmission referencing Shangaan Electro, but also Tekno and Gabba. Check out these guys before they become the new Daft Punk..

And since it’s my bit I can also safely introduce you to my SLUDGE HOUZ series, upcoming on RADIO KOBAYASHI RECORDS, run by my good friend ARCHIE KOBA.I’m dropping three sets of 4 tracks this month. Each digital only. The blurb: Hot on the trails of his acclaimed ‘American Psychosis’ releases, Drvg Cvltvre is back with new music to claim that dark little corner on your dance floor. Sludge Houz is like a Dj Screw blend of straightforward techno from the Terrence Dixon and Hieroglyphic being school of all-out and the dark UK experimental sounds of Actress, Throbbing Gristle and Demdike Stare.

Opening cut ‘Codex Regius’ kicks off with some repetitive power and a pounding drum machine that sets the tone for the entire Sludge Houz sound. Followed by a crowd favourite in my dj sets, ‘Faraday (Version)’ which sounds like a slowed down Regis track corrupted with a computer audio virus. Third up is ‘Dark Clouds Coming’ an acid stomper that’s designed to break sound systems and crowds. Finishing up this first EP is ‘Spooky Kind of Love (Acid Redux)’ an alternate version of a track released on Porn Wax last year. This new version has a completely different build-up and melody though. Solid acid worx and lush melodies.

and this is a free edit I did of an already really awesome KEVIN MORBY song, buy the original if you have the cash to spare:

Just when you thought it was safe, NTOGN returns with an ice cold cut from the North…excellent stuff this, you people should really forget about skudge and book this guy more often. freakin amazing output and an original and authentic voice in modern techno!

This is just in, an awesome record by the awesome WHERE TO NOW? crew. check it out:

also BASIC HOUSE, all the time every time. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall you fuckers. Buy all the releases by him and his mighty OPAL TAPES and less of all that other stuff you seem hell bent on buying.

Another Number was D’Marc’s debut EP which came out way back in 2009, when the outsiders where still truly outside – but not looking in! – toiling away in obscurity for a handful of freaks ~ the true salt of the earth. This features the criminally overlooked JAK Blues anthem “Another Number”, that echoes the ghosts of a unholy marriage between Bitches Brew and Sleezy D, JTC’s powerhouse remix of “No Control” and three further flabbergasting template cuts from one of the future masters of JAKbeat.

I’m going to leave you with some seriously twisted stuff. For his Environs album LAICA continues the less-is-more path trodden on his earlier works. Where previously he was removing melody leaving just a smudged and faded memory – with Environs he has taken his sound a step further, removing instrumentation all together.

Built entirely from field recordings, the composite sounds of his album have been edited, looped, treated to layers of reverb, run through various resonators, sped up, slowed down, stretched, granulated and eroded – creating an entirely new environment. Check this out:

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