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The hottest sound from Neo Baile funk, and the single son, is Heavy Baile from Leo Justi, and it is becoming bigger and global day by day. The style started with Leo in 2010, a interpretation about baile funk, with remixes, edit’s and few production. With time, Leo created Gaitero and Homem Mau, this last recived support from Noisey. Now, HVY BL is a sound system crew in RJ, releasing party and music.

About Leo, he is now with Waxplotation Records and announced your first EP – HVL BL NSS PRR, with a videoclipe from Leandro HBL – the director of Favela on Blast.

Leo Justi is spreading his music to world and making everybody dance. Nike used his song “Di Ladin” in a promotion video. Kit Kat asked for a remix for a new video campaign. M.I.A. asked for a remix. Also the producer is travelling to USA to help in promotion to the new album with few gigs and radio presention:

In the middle of a wave of Favela Trap, Heavy Baile took all our attention with this accelerated beats, a ransom to classic funk carioca beats – as tamborzão and voltmix – and showing that always there is a option to new music. Since we met Leo Justi we get in love with Heavy Baile, and now, it’s becaming a stronger movement with more tracks to listen and play.  In his new EP, Devil Horns is the unreleased track:

Others 4 tracks complete the EP: HVY BL NSS PRR, Homem Mau, Gaiteiro and Beef Riddim.

You can download it for free (yes!) but I really suggest you to keep your eyes (and ears) in Leo, he is the promise to shake the neo baile scene. Actually, he is already doing it.

Capa single HVY BL NSS PRR(1)

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