For my new Fall Sessions edition another exploration into a genre I’ve long been fan of but never blogged before. I made the selection of funk, rasterinha and neo-baile with an innovative flavour that has appeared over the last month. The good thing is, the original favela sound and its hipster spinoff ‘neo baile’ seem to come closer together and young funkeiros, especially the young talent Dj Felipe Unico are more hungry to innovate the movement with new sounds than most I’ve heard over the last years. Check it out!

If you digged Leo Justi‘s new Heavy Baile EP that Filipe posted some days ago, also check out his previous release: a huge compilation of heavy baile edits of a wide variety of tunes!

Arrastao is a great new channel that bridges the gap between neo-baile and original favela funk that just had its first releases this month.

Dj Douglinhas MPC drops an Arabic flavoured funk riddim! You see quite a lot of Arabic and Indian samples popping up in funk these days. Since the Middle East is one of Generation Bass’ all-time favourite sources of musical traditions, we can only hope for a solid transnational Arab-baile movement to emerge!

Here another great example!


Dj Sidney Sousa reworks a Martin Garrix sample into raunchy funk!

Now some extra attention for perhaps the most promising upcoming young funk producer: Dj Felipe Unico, who seems more eager to innovate than almost anybody else in funk. A while ago, he sent me a message if I could help him finding new sounds and styles to find inspiration and also if I could help to help him spread his innovative riddims. I gave him a warm welcome to the transnational bass scene. Here I selected some of my favourite of his most recent releases.

Experimental rasterinha!

A montgagem featuring Dj Caaio Doog, with euphoric lazer synths!


And here his newest release, fusing old and new sounds in a smooth way!


Victor Falcão is another funk-innovator who has been one of my favourites for a long time, here two of his newest riddims!



The great Byano Dj releases many new tunes each week as well, many with an innovative flavour. I picked this one!


A futuristic-flavoured tune here from DJ DNDECAIXAS!


Innovative producer DJ J3 made a huge montagem with heavy sounds!


And here another one banger Dj F3!


Awesome anime-funk from Dj Maligno!

Now let’s move to a gem I discovered right before posting this post.

Joao Pavigo is an experimental bass producer from Brazil who makes the most mindblowing combinations like acid-3ball, funk-grime and here an oldskool funk remix of ‘Shanghai Freeway‘ from the newest album by the influential avant-garde futurist Fatima Al Qadiri!


I’ll end with two more, chill-flavoured future-baile tunes..

Future-noiresque rasterinha-DnB from the rising global bass producer Kin Rocha!


And deep, futurebeats flavoured jersey-trap-funk from alrounder Joaobrasil!





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