St Eustache 19.06.14 - Marine Saiah

6 names, Paul, Léo, Marie, Max, Bastien and Glen. 6 moods, 6 personalities behind Bloum. Bloum a band, a concept to provide ambitious performances on stage. Within a year this band managed to brand a name and get the praise of a mesmerized audience and critics about the quality of their live performances.

As good things need to shared, we set up and interview of the band to know more about them. We hope you’ll enjoy it !

GB : You are very close to a live performance band ?

We love to blend the electronic aspect of our sound with the acoustics of our instruments. One another interconnected. The flute, the sax and the guitar give us moments of improvisation and liberty. The video evolves also freely according to the live performances. It’s right to say that we have designed the band for live performances.

GB : How do you organize your live performances ?

It really depends on the place we have to play. Beforehand we check the place and the available equipment (neons, screens, performance space). It also depends on the time we start and the time we are given.

​​LIVE 1

GB : Visuals are extremely important right ?

Images are an integral part of the live. Severing the visuals would be equal to disposing of a musician.

GB : What live performance really struck you ?

Paul : The one at St Eustache Cathedral. It was amazing to play in a cathedral at 4 AM.

Léo : Pete the Monkey festival, because of the warmth of the audience and the place.

Marie : The Badaboum, amazing Parisian music stage and a terrific atmosphere !

Max : Création pour les journées du patrimoine de Thomery. We played 14 times the same tune with a lapse of 5 minutes between each performance ! It was fascinating to witness the evolution of the perceptions during these 14 times.

Bastien : The St Eustache live. To play electro music in a large-sized church… huge !

Glen : Pete the Monkey festival. The sound, the atmosphere, the line-up and the crowns of flowers…

GB : What do you think about the French music scene ?

Electronic music seems to have a good part on the French scene and the audience is always welcoming. We feel a greed to discover, a search for good sound. It’s super pleasant ! Moreover there’s a wide array in French electro-acoustic music. There are some bands that we have an eye on. We really had that feeling lastly for L’Impératrice !

GB : Any performance abroad ?

Istanbul or London maybe.

GB : Tell us about the creation of the Faith EP

We wanted first to release Faith with a video. Then we got proposals for remixes. It was not something intended, but we went for it to seem how far other musicians would take this tune. We wanted another point of view.

But really above all, it was the video that counted.

It was our first achieved project, based on a music we loved, backup by talented Djs and a video – a necessary visual object.

GB : The track Faith has a strong 80’s flavour. It reminds a bit of the slow and melancholic melodies of Kavinsky or other artists from this new wave of the French Touch; very inspired by the cinema or series from the 80’s. It is the path you chose for your music ?

Thanks for the comparison. We noticed we had an 80’s flavour inspiration, the weird thing is, we really don’t listen to anything from that period. We have no clue how it happened.

GB : You were remixed on the EP Faith. Do you yourselves have projects of remixes for other artists ?

Yes, we went along with the game. We have a few projects in mind; at this moment we are working on a remix of a track from our friends Vendredi. We really love their work.

GB : After this EP do you have other projects in the pipes ?

We have another EP to be released in January 2015. We’re really looking forward to it !

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