The first thing I want to say is thank you so much to the Generation Bass family, for give me the honor of writing for this amazing blog. This will be my first post so here we go!…

After the magnificent fusion between the BASS and the latin tropical sounds, nothing was the same!

If you think about it, the most similar thing that you can find to describe this amazing musical revolution is a cosmic explosion. Yes, you heard right, a cosmic explosion! Because basically after the birth of the ‘Tropical Bass’, the horizons of the BASS scene in Latin America soared to infinity.

Every time there are more latin rhythms that are joining this great fusion; the tracks are no longer the classic tracks that you heard on the radio, at parties or at the club; the tracks are now ‘super old tracks’ with a tremendous latin flavor, mixed with the delicious characteristic of the BASS!

One of the great virtues of the Global Bass scene here in Latin America, is its beautiful versatility, basically anything is possible! You can hear caribbean rhythms, mexicans, central americans, colombians, brazilians; all kind of latin rhythms potentialized with a powerful BASS. You can listen from a vibrant Rasterinha to a Tex-Mex&Bass for example. But nothing matters, everything is possible, no matter where the musical genre comes, the common denominator factor of all is the BASS, what unites all of us is the BASS!

Since about three years ago, the Tropical Bass scene here in latin america have had a exponential growth, it’s unbelievable! And with all the reason; the BASS was no longer the same as always, the BASS got that tropical flavor that everyone loves, that everyone enjoy, that everyone dance! It’s a musical genre (if you can called genre) formed by a diversity of genres, which did the dance floors around the world were more calientes!

And not just the dance floors, in the biggest music festivals around the continent, where only ‘electronic music’ was played; now the concept it’s totally different, the latin music, the latin rhythms now are part of the ‘electronic music’, hence that the Tropical Bass swing is so unique and sabroso!

Another factor that contributed greatly to the heyday of the Tropical Bass (and the EDM in general) was the popularization of the website, already know for all of us: Soundcloud. Basically it was a revolution in the scene, the producers now can share their musical experiments to the world! And with this is much easier that new producers continue bringing more and more new music!

But because only one opinion is not enough, I decided to know the opinion from producers who are in the scene. Asking them, what they think about the huge growth that the scene is having, and how they see it in the future. And this is what they told!:

PA KONGAL (Cuernavaca, México)

“I think it’s beautiful the way that since a couple of years the scene have had a huge growth, this comes to enrich it and to enrich the parties, the concept and ourselves. Because you can find things beautifully structured for relax and just listen music, or something more intense for shake all your body. Is also beautiful how the regional music of each country is taken and is taken to new forms of creativity….this movement is the best thing that happened to me and be part of it really fills my soul”

“The future of the scene I think is keep experimenting and offering a different and full proposal musical culture, is so vast and diverse that will continue to evolve and establish new ways of how to receive it, every day you find new young producers who reinterpret the scene and that’s what gives it a bright future”


“It is gratifying that most music producers are opting to produce music with sounds of each area and that way each integrates a bit of their culture to the new sounds of electronic music, we are still many that we are starting to achieve this and need to reach the masses with the global bass or have some representative banner of gender globally, in this way the music will hang on the public more and more”

GINGEE (Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos)

“Electronic music is one of the defining sounds of our generation. It is a worldwide phenomenon and has united people of various backgrounds and cultures. The fact that Latin rhythms have begun to infiltrate this world is important and to me symbolizes people of color being brought into the fold of electronic music even more. The mixture of the two represents to me, a melding of cultures that is happening all over the world. Now traditional rhythms can potentially have a place in musics future and not just get forgotten. I also feel that it goes beyond Latin rhythms, but worldwide rhythms that can be incorporated with electronic music.” 

“The future of Global Bass will be more inclusive, and I can see rhythms from more diverse cultures also being brought into the fold. I’m Filipino American and have incorporated some of our traditional sounds into my own music, and I can see other countries such as India start to do so as well. The Global Bass scene seems to be getting stronger here in Los Angeles, although the world of EDM and Latin music seems to be very different. Global Bass is a place where those worlds can meet.”

DAWGIE STYLE (Guatemala City)

“The growth that the Global Bass scene have had in Latin America has been quite, quite big, I think a couple of years ago not many knew this kind of music, including me, I think more than anything the moombahton is what has been most growth, and this is because most, if not all, of the Global Bass producers are Hispanic or have a Latino descent.”

“This scene in the future promises a lot good things, since many producers and top DJs like Dillon Francis and Diplo, to name a few, they play global bass on some of his sets at the most important festivals in the world, and I think the people now accept global bass as a culture, rather than as a musical genre.”

Yelram Selectah (Tijuana, Mexico)

“This had to happen, the Global Bass is the biggest and most solid movement in recent times in terms of electronic music, music from the neighborhood for the neighborhood, from the neighborhood to the mainstream. The future of the music is the independence, definitely more in the electronic music, I see the HIP HOP very strong for the remainder of the year and next, we live in a postmodern world and we must take advantage of it”

And as I mentioned before, the caribbean rhythms have a big influence in the Tropical Bass, so I asked to Banx & Ranx, apart of the future, what new influences the Electro Caribbean Music (ECM) could bring to the scene? And this is what they told!:

Banx & Ranx (Kingston, Jamaica)

“we think that bass will keep groing all over the world and will go further in the blends, like the fusion we make. The ECM could bring more Selectas , Singjays and Dj’s in the Electro/bass music scene, A lot of BPM changes and powerfull hybrid dj shows/sets.”


The future is uncertain, but there is no doubt that the scene has enough potential to explode! Hopefully this will continue to grow more and more, and spreading around the planet !!!

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