Since I started to listen moombahton, I would like to see brazilian producers making it. But, the global movement finished and few producers appear on this. But, talking with one and other, I suggest to we create the Moombrazilians, a kind of movement about brazilian moombahton and….guess what, we made it! The first volume is up at Braza Music label.

The first volume of Moombrazilians is up to streaming and download. Five producers spread along Brazil, since Pará (at North) and Bahia (at Northeast), untill São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Oh, there is young producer at Goiás too (midle-west). All 5 tracks is for free at BandCamp in change of you e-mail.

With 5 differents tracks, this is a great kick start for this project: ProEfx make a moombahton with brazilian instruments; Kill the Bass get the baile funk essence to create Medley da Putaria (and this music works very well on dancefloor); Skinners appear to shake and destroy all the bassline with the moombahcore Celera; our well knowed Lord Breu made what he know to do better, a friendly, happyness an great bahia track; completing it Bluntzzilla created the Moombass Fade to chill and this banger tracks.


Other great thing about it is the cover: unless the mexican skull, braza used the img of you own indio.(!)


Grab it and wait for the vol.2. You can list more tracks here, the duo Irmãos Coragem record a mixtape with more moombrazilians track for web-radio show In The Mix Brazil, #189

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