Scouring my news feed, I just came across this sublime stuff via my bro’ Drvg Cvltvre who is chiefly responsible for introducing me to key new dance sounds more than anyone else I’ve ever known on planet earth.

RSS Boys are shrouded (given the image above, sorry for the pun) in mystery. Apparently there’s 2 of them and they’re from Poland and prefer to remain anonymous. They say “as legend suggests – they met in the middle of Africa, in Benin!”.

They have released 4 albums, 2 of which came out this year “N00W” and “00 FLY”. They fuse raw Techno with “exotic samples” (lol courtesy of Baauer) to create a dystopian world of Post-Apocalyptic Transnational Techno. A mind-blowing sound scape that is dark, nihilistic and thought-provoking.

This is some real exciting shit and the start of something new, I’m really feeling it.

Check out this brilliant Podcast:

[Podcast #9] RSS B0YS by Nie Sluchasz Techno on Mixcloud

Check out all the 4 albums, YOU NEED TO!

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