We’ve been HUGE Sarantis fans since the beginnings of this blog, we feel he was years ahead of a lot of people but has never quite received the same mass acclaim we feel he truly deserves. He’s been a crucial part of Senseless Records output and has also released via Black Acre and Chrissy Murderbot’s label.

He’s been bigged up by Skream, Brenmar, DMZ & Mary Anne Hobbs amongst others. He’s got a lil’ something special dropping soon on our lil’ influential Generation Bass label too that I helped to shape in the sum total time of 24 hours and it’s going to blow quite a few minds I think.

For now, however, he has just released this brilliant EP for London-based Modern Ruin Records. It’s a 4 track EP with a bonus track and it soaks in flavours from all periods of his career, 80s Sci-Fi, Purple wow, Techno, Electro Funk through to Grime, Dubstep and Footwork.

It’s another stellar work that you really need to check out.

“Wholesale” opens up the EP with a mission with that beloved 80’s Sc-Fi Electro-Funk sound that he specializes in.

Then you hit the “Highway” with some awesome Purple Wow, this one will shake the foundations of any club.

“Modern Ruin” finds him in a stomping skull-crushing mood evoking images of aliens lazering the shit out of the human race.

“I Want to know” employs a skanking riddim complimented with the sweet Dancehall samples of a distant voice from the Future Carribean.

“Ringtone” is the bonus track that completes the EP in astounding grime-bass style.

Here’s a mini-mix to give you a flava:

Here’s what the label says:

Wholesale EP takes you on an electrical journey through the psyche of Sarantis, who shows he music influences throughout the EP crossing many genres including Juke, Bass, Dubstep and Electro.

The thumping bass and electronic synths make up his unique hard hitting sound and with this EP he does not disappoint.

The Wholesale EP includes 4 tracks with a bonus track if you buy the full EP.

Out now!!

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