The brilliant Azar Swan have released their second album this week “And Blow Us A Kiss” and you can stream it for a limited amount of time on their Cloud.

It’s a fantastic follow up to their debut album of last year “Dance Before The War” which is my favourite album from last year and quite possibly from the past few years.

Azar Swan consist of the enigmatic singer-songwriter and musician Zohra Atash and producer Joshua Strawn. They came together from the ashes of their previous band Religious to Damn and have opted for a more electronic experimentation with this new creation.

Evoking moods and soundscapes harking back to the best of the glorious 80’s Electro-Goth scene, the influences of bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Love & Rockets and Electronic pioneers like Depeche Mode & Japan are firmly on show in the sound of this band.

The whole album is like a soundtrack to the coolest Vampire movie you’ve ever seen creating a Post-Apocalyptic world of Gothic adventure to make even Lord Byron proud.

The whole thing is one hell of an adventure and the thing that stands out most for me is Zohra’s vocals, they are just simply incredible and unique.  I could just listen to her voice forever.  That voice combined with musical arrangements to mirror the best of Electronic and Goth sounds of the 80’s is so refreshing in this time of formulaic crap.

I think Azar Swan are a Super-Group in the making for the future and it’s only a matter of time before people catch on to their genius. I think they just need to learn how to transform the transient nature of some of the material to something that will be forever implanted into your mind to make that bigger connection to the masses.

Both albums are great to listen to from start to finish and you can repeat them all over again and again.  From time to time you’ll go back to it and enjoy them again and again.  But neither album contains that one jaw-dropping or breath-taking moment when you think “wow, this track means the world to me”. That one BIG track that will announce their presence on to the main stage of the world stage.

I think that is still to come as they continue to craft their material and stretch further forward with greater confidence.  I think there’s a little restraint in their material to date.  They need to let go of their emotions a little bit more, they need to lose a lit bit of that discipline, self-control and clinical musical perfection.  I’ll use Japan as an example. Their music was genius but cold and clinical but Sylvian did have moments of sheer emotional genius too, “Forbidden Colours” and “Ghosts”, tracks that will stay with me forever and continue to remind me of just how great they were.

I think Azar Swan need that too, to let loose a bit more on that clinical musical perfection and allow more emotion to seep into their creations.  But maybe, they just don’t want to do that?  Maybe it’s just too clichéd?  I think once they let go of that restraint, we are going to be in for something very, very special in the future.  But even if they don’t, they’re still one of my favourite bands around at the moment.

This is the start of it though, 2 brilliant & accompolished albums under their belt but you just feel that there’s so much more to come.

One day I am sure they will conquer the world with their sound, they have conquered mine!

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