The Mighty Cream - Murk [ART]

First off I should introduce On1 (to be read as On One) Records. They are based in Edinburgh (UK), and specialize in bass-driven/heavy music. On1 Records are planning a steady flow of releases over the next few months, not only from artists from the UK but from the rest of the world. They will also be doing a few shows in the forthcoming months…if I lived in the UK I’d stay tuned in for that.

As for the roster, their facebook page ( tells us the following:

The Mighty Cream (
Gully (
Twttw (
Operation Daybreak (
Kensho (
Norbert Cleaverhype (

And this release we bring you today is from the name on the top of the list, The Mighty Cream (TMC).

The darkness and the athmosphere of the track are perfect for eachother and are very well complemented with the heavy sub-bass and the low-tempo beat. They fit in so perfectly that it makes the track groove even more, making it perfect for a undeground club where heavy bass stuff plays regularly. Halfway through the song we got a vocal chop that comes in and change when the chorus hits, with a slighty different beat which makes the track even more interesting. The breaks are the perfect example if you wanna show people what this track is all about. The ending is just perfect as everything just comes full circle.

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