Last year I wrote two elaborate posts celebrating halloween and the Day of the Dead, going into the similarities and differences of the two. I doubt if I can meet the same level of sophistication in a post again. Therefore here, dedicated to both traditions, an extended selection of more and less dark-edged gems in any kind of genre, which haven’t been posted here so far yet (as far as I know).

See it as a month of posting, jammed into one gigantic roundup.. It’s a long list again, but take some good time for each of them!

First an alround bass halloween-mixtape by the rough Russian tropicalist Insane Fennel!


Delicious dark-house grooves in the newest edition of the Chicago based avant-garde platform The Doom Cult‘s mixtape series Sonic Ritual, this time featuring Curses* from New York!


And here a magnificent, Andes-flavoured future-Latin mixtape from the Chilean global bass alrounder Señor Chancho!

Here a dark halloween-themed moombahton banger from one of the most promising Dutch global bass producers, DJ Miss Devana!

Halloween 420 edit of a Mexican 3ball classic, by the Chilean moombahtonista STARK!


Nightmare trap from the Dutch alround bass prodigy INDISA, released on the label Pyramyth!


An mindblowing dark cyber-experimental banger from avant-garde-trap producer ADAMAS. Check out the video here!

More amazing avant-garde vibes here, from the Norwegian futurist Drippin, via the forward-looking rave label Lit City Trax!

I am always thrilled by the most daring cross-genre experiments. Corroded Master reworked Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘Hard in da Paint’ into delicious cyber-industrial flavoured EBM (= Electronic Body Music, not EDM!!).


If there’s going to be a fusion of cyber-industrial with reggaeton/moombahton in the near future (there will be, trust me!), this pearl of a track from the unique Mexican producer Sitlaly is already a good fortaste of what it may one day sound like!


Then time for two dark-edged moombahton bangers..

First DJ L.O.B.B., which stands for Lots Of Bullets Bulatti, from Rancho Cucamonga (California), drops a deliciously percussive tune with powerful synths!


Joel Ramirez, from La Paz Bolivia, drops a mindblowing demo of a track that will be released soon!


Alma, from Portugal, is a fresh and extremely promising star on the horizon of music.. with only 2 tracks and 17 followers so far, I already know that we are going to see this name all over. Wanna know why, press play and be blown away by some of the sickest dark kuduro you’ve ever heard!!


Dj Doraemon drops another powerful kuduro banger!


Dj Ly-COox is becoming one of my favourite producers these days! Check out this mystically flavoured afrobeat tune that was released last week!


Anderson Teixeira drops some equally amazing tarraxo!


And Nidia Minaj‘s new, mind-altering grooves are just absolutely jawdropping!


RuidoconH is a producer I remember from last year when I posted a unique dark cumbia tune from his hands.. Now he is back with an absolutely stunning dark ruidoson production!

In my funk post I told you about the Brazilian experimentalist Joao Pavigo.. Here is his next-level acid 3ball tune!


And here another experiment, mixing a funk vocal with booming grime!


The Dutch experimentalist DODBB is one of the producers closest to myself when it comes to our love for continuously pushing the boundaries, exploring new cross-fertilisations between different scenes and sounds.. Lately he has been exploring the electrfying, grungy underground sounds of electro-techno, resulting in this two-track mini EP of filthy, industrialistic moombahton! Absolutely beyond next-level future rave beats, invoking images of twerking cyborgs in an abandoned high-tech power station!

Dash Slktr is an alround tropicalist from Cali, Colombia, who released another huge EP earlier this month, via After Mess Recs, an up and coming all-genre underground label which is becoming an ever more important player in music these days!

The main track, ‘colors’, is a dark-edged moombahsoul-twerk tune, reworked into melbourne bounce by the Chilean EDM producer Donner! and into orgastic moombahton by the Mexico City based upcoming name Fresh Prince.

The second track, ‘Pitty’ is an equally dark and heavy moombahton banger. Nozdeer, another talend from Mexico City transformed this one into brutal-yet-uplifting electrotrash. Finally, Cthu-Loops chose a unique percussive, prehispanic-flavoured moombahton, labelled as ‘ancient-tropical’!


Since we discovered the transcendental deep-tech duo The Gurus, we’ve been in love with their work and mission, both art-wise and music wise. Check out the fresh project they released this month: an extensive, 9-track LP consisting of 2 separate EP’s – ‘Genesis 111’ and ‘The Secret to Liberation’ as well as an exclusive extra track. ‘Genesis 111’ is situated on the deep-thoughtful side of the spectrum, while ‘The Secret to Liberation’ leans slightly more towards a more experimental retro-acid flavour. ‘Ezekiel 25:17’ is an extraordinary jewel that combines a minimal techno beat with subtle organic percussion and a thrillingly heavy vocal samples.. Take some time to listen to these delicious, sophisticated grooves and to be inspired by teachings of great thinkers like Terrence McKenna and Alan Watts!

After my big shoutout, KnowKontrol released another, equally magnificent industrial RnB track this month.. close your eyes and drink in these stunning, emotional vibes!

I’ve been very much into analog synth music as well these days. And high-tech cyberpunk robot Progeny-1 a.k.a. Brian the Lion is one of my favourite artists in this genre. I’ve been receiving lots of appreciation from him as well in terms of likes on my playlists and reposts. More than time to show some love back. Check out this breathtaking, cinematic flavoured mid-tempo that brings you right back to the noire-future as envisioned by the 80s tech avant-garde like Vangelis and the movie Blade Runner!


Black Metal Elitist Earworm is a radical genre-crossing metal-bass project, organised by Caballo. Unique and risky in Latin America, where metal-fans on the one hand and fans of urban-latin sounds like reggaeton and cumbia on the other hand won’t skip a single opportunity to bash each other’s music taste. Their brand new 10-track album, ‘March into the Slaughter’,  which appeared yesterday on Latino Resiste netlabel, throws it all into one blender and presents an insane mix of rindcore, black and death metal sounds fused with grime, dancehall and moombahton!

Get the full album here!


Gameface has been massively in the spotlights of Generation Bass over the last months and rightly so. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out his new single here, next-level and dark as always!

HVRXLD, from London, is a producer who deserves a lot more attention and every time he releases something new, I feel that it should be blogged but so far it has always slipped through but that will change in the near future. Here already his most recent EP as a foretaste of what you can expect: an awe-inspiring, hyperfuturistic blend of angelic dreamscapes and crystal-bright 808 drums labelled as ‘artwave’, a genre which he created himself!


Artwave is an example of the many branches, ‘microgenres’ of underground internet culture, of which vaporwave is by far the most elaborate. While we were busy with zouk-bass, tarraxo and arabic music, we’ve been completely sleeping on vaporwave over here at Generation Bass. Which is too bad because vaporwave, both its music and its art, is becoming one of the major sources of inspiration for many scenes in the world after EDM and all the other categories in general that we’ve known since the 90s. If you’re looking for a definition of vaporwave music, I’d best direct you to the genre’s ultimate classic: ‘Floral Shoppe‘, an album from the experimental audio engineer and graphic designer Vektroid a.k.a. Macintosh Plus which has reached an iconic status in the vaporwave scene.

The Mexico city based alrounder Chickin’ Dómine reworked the mellow chopped ‘n screwed,  hypnagogic 80s mall-sound of the album’s main hit ‘リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー’ into delicious salsa-cumbia!

Yelram Selectah cumbiafied the new single ‘Know What I Want‘ of the Colombian singer-songwriter Kali Uchis!


Just two days ago, the cumbia experimentalist Xalistec released this absolutely marvellous, psychedelic cumbia track, dedicated to the dead!


More psychedelic cumbia here from one of the most important exponents of that subgenre, the Argentinian visual artist and experimental producer Tu Guaina!

Let’s finish the post with some more happy vibes now!

The rising Mexican talent Billion Dollars drops another satan bass track that is both dark and euphoric at the same time!

Two of my favourite moombahton producers, the Bogotá based Dj Tombs and LosXL, teamed up for this fantastic, Indian-flavoured moombahton banger!


Fresh and heavy tribal evolution here from Dj Giovanni Rios!


And the one and only Dj Tamalero is also back with a happy club banger, featuring one of the most legendary 3ball MC’s ‘El Pelon del Mikrophone‘!

I want to blog Dasilvio Armindo for a long time now and we’ll definitely see him more in the near future. He is one of the most active kuduro & zouk bass producers in the Netherlands with excursions into genres like moombahton, latinhouse and trap. Check out this great compilation with the best of his recent work!


The legendary moombahton duo from Lops Angeles 2 Deep teamed up with alrounder Deejay Quality for a dancefloor smashing cumbia remix of the stripclub anthem ‘Money on the Floor‘!


And here the most euphoric cumbia banger of all, the newest release of 3ball giant Dj Gecko, together with Dj Alan Mendoza from Monterrey!



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