Been working hard the last couple of weeks on something really special for the readers of this awesome blog and my posts on the industrial, techno and experimental corner of modern music. Together with some of my favourite artists we found a bunch of tracks that are exemplary for this series and are also tracks by some of the best and most talented up coming producers from all around the world in this style. So today I’m gonna give you a special preview of whats coming up! release date is next TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4th! stay tuned for this really special release!

Chris Moss Acid is a British acid house and electronic musician.From & Based in Bournemouth, UK. Chris Moss Acid’s output is largely defined by the classic Acid House sound, composed with Roland Synths; Roland TB-303, Roland SH-101, Roland TR-606, Roland TR-707 and other Synths such as the Ensoniq ESQ-1 and Casio SK1 and the Akai MPC1000 Sampler. Chris had been working his butt of the last few years with really solid releases, he’s contributing an unreleased track to NXNW#1 but here’s some of his recent top notch work:

Born in 1983 at the foot of the Andes, in the remote region of Mendoza, Argentina, Alejandro Mosso propitiously received two legs, two arms and two ears joined firmly to his head by some singular synaptic connections. As his sensorial perception didn’t leave him content with the sole musical appreciation, Mosso quickly picked up his instrument of choice, the acoustic guitar. From rock to postpunk to electropop, his skills placed him quite naturally in various local bands by the mid ’90s. The craze revolving around DJs and house music that was hitting Europe at the time, did not necessarily reach all the way to Alejandro’s hometown. His interest for the electronic genre rather grew out of his unsatiable hunger for audio research and experimentation. Nowadays he’s known for his deep techno and house sound, supported and played by major peeps like Sven Vath and the likes. Alejandro will also be supplying an unreleased track to our comp – Check out his signature sound:

from Dutch harbor city SCHIEDAM comes MATT TDK, who has been crafting and refining his sound for the last couple of years and has a bunch of awesome releases coming up on a bunch of cool labels. His sound is a harder edged version of techno with some industrial elements, without it being all band and no content. check his stuff out:

Bleaching Agent has been carving his own path in the sacred stone walls of techno for the last years with a string of mindblowing releases on PERC TRAX, OPAL TAPES and many more. He’s contributing a new original track and here’s some of the stuff he’s bee putting out there for the last years:

The music of Alessandro Parisi has its roots in the sci-fi and cyberpunk culture. Influenced and enriched by mystical and esoteric experiences, has created a blend of retrofuture and dark-electro sound with references to past civilizations, harmonies and ancient sacred mysteries. Deep, dark and sometimes murky depths are explored with crisp drum machines and synths.check it:

London based producer / remixer / DJ TRONIK YOUTH has over the last ten years worked with labels such as Back-Yard/Kitsune/Discotexas & Relish before establishing his own label No Dice to showcase his productions and edits. He has remixed artists as diverse as Punks Jump Up / Miike Snow / Headman / Chromeo / Gossip and many many more. Tronik Youth follows up his release of last Years nu-disco hit ‘I Know’ with a raft on new original material and edits to further bolster his credentials as a dancefloor destroyer. More techno, less disco but still on that interesting plain in between genres:

Belgium’s THE ACID MERCENARIES have been featured before on these pages. The duo keeps pushing the limits of acid forward and keeps adding better song structure to their jams and releases. Besides that they are one of the best acid live sets I’ve ever seen. On our comp, BAT (THATS A FACT), one half of the duo, contributes an awesome song with dark lyrics, reminding us of early LIL LOUIS stuff and other creeped out vocal house of the early 90’s.

FOQL + RNA2 = NZLD / From time to time looking for sonic comrades. In 2014 focusing on sound and its shape. Active solo and collaborating with machine. Ephemeral artistic project without a structure or a seat location. It’s a group of people binding on and off into collective projects: music, gigs, actions, distractions, words, system breaking, instrument breaking. A survival in Lo-Fi. Digitals and analogues. Dangerous Liasons. We deal with machines and humans. The number of members is unknown, varying from one to infinity. Fluctuation, fluctuation. Dark and doomy techno and bass music from Poland:

Last but certainly not least there is WOSTO, half of the awesomeness that is Hamburg broken techno improv group FALLBEIL. These guys have been sending me tracks for about a year and have finally found their form in a string of really great trance inducing techno jams with an almost african tribal feel to them. Great sound, great work ethic, and you’ll def be hearing more from these guys the years to come. Improv techno at its very very best!

So get ready, these guys above will be part of a comp thats coming TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4! It’ll be dirt cheap and will give you some serious insight in the up and comers of the international techno scene for years to come. seeee yaaaaaaaaa tuueeeessssdaaaayyyyyy!

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