NXNW#1 ‘The New Wave Of Northern Industrialism’ is a compilation of up and coming producers from around the globe in the industrial, techno and experimental corner of modern dance music. This comp is directly linked to the NXNW / North By Northwest series of blogposts on acclaimed blog generationbass.com – a weekly update on recent developments in these genres. Generation Bass is a blog and label that started out to gather and make visible dance music from all over the globe. We started the blog in 2009 and have had over 5 million visitors these last 5 year. At its peak the blog has between 2000-3000 visitors a day, from over 58 countries in the world. We’ve been responsible for a lot of non western artists’ break in western media and have won several awards for the blog and our way of curating it.

This comp features everything from Bleaching Agent’s bleak slow techno to Chris Moss Acid‘s heavy duty uptempo acid and everything in between. From Hamburg’s Wosto (half of FALLBEIL) to Argentina’s Alejandro Mosso, From Poland’s RNA2 to Italy’s Alessandro Parisi, this is a global excursion in the new wave of producers waiting in the corners. There’s a Dutch connection of course with Drvg Cvltvre, Matt TDK (by way of uk) and Ian Martin as well. Slow dark techno from Tronik Youth with a clear EBM element and the vocal techno from Bat Thats a Fact (half of Bruxhellz Acid Mercenaries) complete a full overview of whats going on right now.

Drvg Cvltvre (Vincent Koreman) started doing the NXNW posts mid 2014 to create a place where the more interesting developments in experimental techno and industrial could find an audience, interested in those genres and discovering new artists. Since that start the posts have become a fixture on the blog and the visitor numbers keep rising. Most of the artists featured are from Europe, but there are no limitations to where artists are from or which level of stardom (if any) they have achieved. This is the next step in that evolution. NXNW will be putting together compilations with artists they feel are relevant, authentic and on the verge of reaching bigger heights. These overviews will appear two times per year, and we are working on crowdfunding vinyl versions of the most popular tracks as well. Stay tuned for more on this project and the artists! – the comp is curated by Drvg Cvltvre for Generation Bass. Copyright by the artists. Complete album download only. Price is 2.99 euro

Special thanks to the artists participating in this special project and thanks to all that keep supporting the true underground artists and labels!

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