I don’t think we’ve had much from Sri Lanka before, even though my business partner is from there and she knows nothing about music.

Here’s some dude called Ranidu who is originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka but currently resident in San Francisco. He hit me up saying he has created a Sri Lankan bass music genre called “Bailatronic”.

Here’s what he says about it:

“To understand, you have to go to the roots of the word ‘bailar’ – from the Portuguese, meaning ‘to dance.’

Over 500 years ago, the native sounds of the Portuguese settlers merged with the tribal rhythms of Sri Lanka, to create something wild and vibrant.

Baila is the music you hear all over Sri Lanka. It stands for freedom, celebration, losing yourself in the music…

Sri Lankan superproducer Ranidu has taken baila and merged it with his influences from around the world – electro, house, trap and dubstep – to create something brand new.

Bailatronic is a philosophy, a movement… a 21st century global electronic music.”

Well, it’s def something that would bang it in the Big Room.  I’m sure many of you will really dig this. Maybe Baauer could do with some tips, I hear he’s quite an adventurer nowadays 🙂


  1. RANIDU has always been producing quality music since he debuted to the industry. Today I’m a proud Sri Lankan cause he’s halfway there on his journey to take Sri Lankan music to the global industry. his singles has always spotted in the Top 3 in Sri Lankan Charts. Bailatronic is a blast ! Good Luck Ranidu Aiyya ! keep droppin it hard !

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