This artist, from India hit me up with this and tbh when I saw the track list, I wasn’t even going to listen because the tracks are so over-familiar but I gave it a listen. Man, I was surprised, he’s done a really great job here in re-interpreting these tracks, albeit, he could have left out the “Damn Son” sample which was over-played years ago! Putting that aside, good job!

Download the first volume of my buffaPirate bootleg remixes. These are more like track reinterpretations then remixes. Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years.

– Like A G6 – A rather chilled out trap remix with a completely different rhythm, structure, feel & tempo.

– Hey Boy Hey Girl – Blast from the past with the cult Chemical Brothers classic. This reinterpretation combines elements of ‘Old-skool Goa Trance’ with ‘Trap’ style musings.”

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