Was feeling in the mood for some Electronic Indian vybz when I came across this thoughtful Tribute Mix to one of the masters Cheb i Sabbah who sadly passed away 1 year ago around this time.

Cheb i Sabbah was always able to place Indian sounds in an exciting Electronic context and he was a friend too. Reminds me how great Transnational sounds use to be and how much care was taken over them.

Here’s what DJ Dragonfly (the dude who put the mix together) says:

Nov 6th, 2013 the world music community lost a prolific contributor and friend; Cheb i Sabbah. I had the pleasure of knowing him, DJing with him, hiring him and listening to him for 20 years…this morning I spontaneously put this little mix together that includes many of the artists he worked with…Thanks to Gaudi for the opening sound byte…

R.I.P. Cheb I Sabbah, Jai Ho!

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