It has been a while since his second volume of Dallas Cumbiaholic in Januari this year, but the one and only cumbia trap lord Erick Jaimez is back with a brand new 5-track EP – ‘CVMBIA TRVPLORD’ – that was released last week on the innovative Latin-urban netlabel Americano Soundsystem.

Where his fresh fusion of classic cumbia with trap and twerk started as an experiment, on this EP it is fully crystallised into a strong and mature signature style.

Noche de Cumbia, a mid-tempo twerk vibed, adds some delicious extra percussion that is just as much moombahton as it is cumbia or twerk!

Lejano Campos is a short intermezzo-like track with a nice, minimalistic accordeon line, rich vocals from Calle 13 and rolling 808s!

Noche de Luna slows down the BPM counter to authentic mexican rebajada speed, including its characteristic morphed vocal sound, accompanied by a perfect beat that invites everyone with a slight background in rap to freestyle some lines over it!

Mi Machete is one of the most powerful fusions of classic Colombian cumbia and trap (or hiphop in general) not only that I’ve ever heard but that I can ever imagine. On so many levels, this track embodies everything from both genres: the everyday-yet-passionate joy-despite-of-hardship vibe of classic cumbia, the subtle street flavour and again the kind of beat that begs for some good rhymes!

And as an exclusive extra, not available via Soundcloud, there is Fuck it I want a Billion, a banger which combines elements from cumbia, trap, 3ball, house and jersey club, featuring the Mexico City based global bass producer Fake Moustache!

Buy the EP here!

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