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This great new EP was first premiered in the esteemed and respected GUARDIAN PLAYLIST.

Generation Bass has been at the forefront of introducing new names who no-one knows about and some of whom go on to make a big impression around the world. We’re well known for that!

We hope and believe that C-Production is another one of those artists who is likely to make a similar impression with his North African Bass Bombs!

On his “Moroccan Express” EP for Generation Bass he explores the realm of possibilities between the fusion of authentic Moroccan/Berber riddims & melodies and popular dance genres like Dancehall, Trap and Electronica.

“Moroccan Dancehall” is the track that first grabbed our attention with its driving percussion, mystical Berber melody, Orchestral Arabian stabs and stomping basslines. It literally blew our minds, we hope it blows yours.

“Habibi” opens up with the desert winds and then the gorgeous Orchestral Arabian strings kick in lending themselves to a Trap beat making it one of the realist Arab Trap tracks we’ve heard thus far.

“The Hand of Fatima” is a very familiar image if you have ever travelled to Morocco and it is commonly used in Jewellery and wall hangings as a sign of protection as it is believed it provides a defence against evil. It is a common sign amongst Muslims, Jews and Christians who all use it signify something within their religions. Here C-Production uses it to possess the musical spirits of the East & West in this track with its deep Berber bassline, Arabic percussion and Western melodies.

All aboard the “Morocco Express” which, starts out sounding a bit like that Deep House classic “Show me Love” but here it is supplemented with kick-ass Middle Eastern percussion. Then the Arabic synth stabs kick in signalling a gigantic fanfare to something epic and everyone goes mental!

The EP closer “Navel Gazing” is like its title suggests, a deep, thoughtful contemplative haunting piece of music that would set the scene for any Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia mirroring some of the places in the world that we live in today. But we chose the title because we were too busy staring at the Belly Dancer whilst it played in the background!

C-Production aka “Badr” is a Netherlands based producer who hails from Kenitra in Morocco.  When he was 14 years of age he moved from Morocco to the Netherlands to further his studies.

He’s been a music lover since childhood and has spent some years creating music focusing on urban instrumentals. Now, however, his music is made up of different backgrounds reflecting his experiences of the different cultures he has encountered and the different countries that he has lived in. These experiences have helped to shape him as a person and as a musician.

He experiments with a variety of styles and blends the different influences into a delicious melting pot of sounds of urban and ethnic flava’s mainly of the Arabic/ Moroccan variety.




Artwork : Steve Ohh

Release Date 12.10.14.
Description EP
Tracklist1.Moroccan Dancehall
3.Hand of Fatima
4.Morocco Express
5.Navel Gazing
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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