Not the first time this brilliant French producer has been on our pages, we’ve been blogging him since 2011 and he’s also featured on some of my Post-Apocalyse mixtapes. He seems only to be getting better and better and I can’t believe he’s still only 24. He was around 20/21 when we started blogging him.

Only Ruby My Dear comes close to what he’s doing, this is really awesome Breakcore meets Post-Rock meets IDM.  It’s bleeding EPIC!

“I started writing this track in June 2014, a good break and a few tours after the last album, I saw the production process as an opportunity for me to explore a lot of different things at the same time, like guitars and some sound design techniques.

The track has a strong melancholic or even nostalgic vibe to it, which is something that I can’t seem to get rid of, but it still shows a lot more modernity and clarity in the production value. I guess it mostly sounds like post-rock meets IDM, but the mood is dark and unstable, and when you think there’ll be hope you realize it’s all chaos and fear. Its not a sad song, it’s a song about fragility.
I think it says a lot about myself, and about the people I meet, at the end of the day we are all watching the world growing into a globalized and complicated culture and we have to fight for what we believe as we all carry our own values and knowledge from the past.”
– Rémi Gallego, 2014.

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