This 6-track mini-album from the unique Argentinian avant-garde project The Peronists is one of the most exciting things that have come out over the last days. ‘Inka Haus’, released last week on the Peruvian netlabel Terror Negro Records, is a futuristic fusion of Andean and wider latin flavours like cumbia and dembow with deep, underground rave techno.


1. Modem Cumbia: a cyber-futuristic cumbia tune which manages to be highly experimental and stay danceable at the same time!

2. Inka Techno: a heavy-yet-deep rave techno stomper with very subtle Andean references!

3. New Dembow Order: an uptempo, uplifting dembow-tronic experiment!

4. Melbourne Cowboys: delicious groovy deephouse with rich percussion!

5. MatanzaTemazcal (The Peronists Remix): a skillful deepification of one of the major hits by Chile’s most prominent digital folklore formation!

6. Tio 4 Ever ft. Morita Vargas: my favourite track on the EP.. Mind altering experimental grooves that are dark, heavy and deep all at the same time!

Download the EP here!



Check out some pics from the release party and what looks like the kickoff of a recurring event with the same name:


The Peronists and Morita Vargas together behind the desks



Morita Vargas

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