Back in the days, I remember that there was a lot of discussion going on about whether moombahton had an anthem and if yes, which track it would be. But about global bass as a whole, I’ve never heard anything like that. Obviously, because which track would ever be capable of doing such a delicate thing as representing all the different genres from cumbia to bubbling to tarraxo, casually pooled together as ‘global bass’ by blogs like this one..?

But you don’t need to look any further, because if there is anyone capable of bridging these gaps in a bright and respectful way, it must be the LA based, multi-skilled global bass talent Gingee. And she just released THE global bass anthem right here!

‘More Than Gold’ is a powerful tribute to all the people out there worldwide who create the amazing music that we’ve been able to share with you ever since this blog has come into existence, a musical encouragement to continue pushing this movement forward and, at the same time. At the same time, it is a warm celebration of life, of creativity and of the energetic vibes radiating from global bass music, which have been striking a deep chord inside all of us ever since the first moment we’ve fallen in love with it.

Style-wise it’s a combination of dancehall, moombahton and twerk, spiced up with electrifying synths and wonderful melodic percussion. The production, the lyrics and the vocals are all created and performed by the artist herself!

I’m the girl who puts her bass in your face

shaking it left to right system bumping through the night
this is the life we lead
eat sleep breathe and repeat it loving it like I need it
I feel so good I feel so free
I wish the whole world could dance with me
this love is worldwide and I feel your vibe
don’t you ever stop its keeping me alive
I just wanna rock it with a global style
all around the world the movement’s globalized
I wanna feel your soul I wanna hear your voice
no need to back down
you know you have a choice
I wanna hear all the music inside you
I wanna see what moves you and inspires you
don’t ever compare just do your thing
there’s a place in the sun for all the styles we bring

For all the people across the globe
what you create is worth more than gold
don’t ever hold back give it to me real
keep the fire blazing with the love we feel (x2)

want you to give it everything tonight
give it your all take your time and do it right
want you to open up because I wanna know
inside there is a mystery you gotta let it show
the sound gets louder and louder from all the drumbeats and power
the musics harder and harder this is not mine this is ours
who I am is a flower the kind you wanna devour
gotta show me love keep it on lock
feels so good better not stop
lets break the rules tonight right to the other side
a place where we can fly something for you and I
I’ll be there for you if you’ll be there for me
and we can fight together in this struggle until we’re free
they wanna hold us back but we don’t wanna wait
I’ll never give up I’ll never hesitate
til this mission’s through I’ll do it all for you
and when the beat drops well that would be your cue

For all the people across the globe
what you create is worth more than gold
don’t ever hold back give it to me real
keep the fire blazing with the love we feel (x2)

Download it for free via soundcloud !!

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