One of our favourite kick-ass people, John Lurie has just began to host a very promising late-night talk show on VICE.com, which started last Wednesday. It’s an experimental 90-minute talk show live-streamed from the office on VICE’s YouTube channel.

John’s first guest was his good friend Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and they spoke about pretty ordinary but entertaining things such as Basketball, Jazz and also about Flea’s lip-synching performance with the Chilli Peppers at the Super Bowl.

Lurie shared his thoughts on various topics and invited listeners to contribute their own ideas and directions by calling in during the show at (347) 474-0415.

Lurie said, “Though I spend almost all of my time on painting these days, when VICE contacted me about doing a show, I thought, Well, you have to do it—these are good people to be involved with. I don’t really know what the show should or will be. For this reason we will have people call in and tell us what they think it should be. And then go from there.”

In his first show Lurie invited callers in to give him suggestions on what the show should be about and most who called in were just surprised to be on air speaking to the great man.

Lurie also wants to hear from people who can sing 2 notes at the same time. Yep, it’s pretty weird but captivating at the same time as Lurie always has been throughout his career.  We think it’s a great way of becoming a part of John’s strange and beautiful world.

If you recall we interviewed Lurie exactly one year ago today and you can catch that interview HERE.

Be sure to listen back to last Wednesdays show HERE.

The next show is on Nov 19th -9pm EST – and his guests are Steve Buscemi and the kind and lovely Evan Lurie.

The question for the public is – What makes you nervous or frightened and what do you do to deal with it?

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