Living life like a typical Soundcloud junkie, I am constantly presented with new stuff, most of which is all equally impressive. But once in a while you stumble upon something that sticks out in a way that is hard to rationalise. Sometimes, right from the moment you start a track, in an almost magical moment, you know that something is extraordinary. This fresh EP from the American producer Steven Deblat is such an example.

‘Helicopter Blues’ is an absolutely unique, dark-flavoured mix of vapor/cloud/alter-trap and psychedelic dubstep, which even includes elements of ambient-metal. As you all know, I am a huge fan of vapor trap. I’ve been following this scene for a little while now and, no matter how much it blows my mind, sometimes it seems to get a bit saturated, using the same futuristic architecture-animation pads, 90s mall-lounge samples and crystal-bright drums over and over again. But this EP opens a whole new knew avant-garde sound that definitely calls for furhter exploration!

Get it here for free!


1. My Hedgehog Dilemma

2. Solitude (ft. Pearl White)

3. Time Flies When You Can’t Sleep (ft. Hellion)

4. Constantly Conflicted

5. Lost In Limbo (ft. Ghostfish Goon)

6. Stuck (ft. Net Worthy)

7. Retrouvailles (ft. Lordeiris)

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