The festival took place in La Cigale a superb venue where I went once to see one of the best performances ever : Cut Chemist in a wild generous Dj set. Imagine an old theatre with balconies, old fashioned seats, red tapestry… A full week of music with various bands touring in different places with a long stop in Paris.

Among all the nights proposed we went to the one on November the 13th which was really promising.



After a couple of beers we got inside a bit late as Seinabo Sey had already started. This young Swedish artist raised in Gambia has a powerful captivating voice, moving every single fiber of your dermis. Slowing down the heartbeat, pacing the breath to the rhythm of her singing she took her audience for a short magnificient trip, far away from the damp cold night of Paris. The only negative point about her performance was the early hour she had to be on stage and the too-short 30 minutes given to her to display her talent.





Soon she was followed by the quartet Glass Animals. Dave Bayley led the dance perched on his feet like a cat, charming the audience with his strange exhausted voice and amazing texts.

It was not a mesmerizing show, a bit shy i’d say. They played early so the sound was correct without being what i expected. It lacked a bit of that grip, that rock feeling i was longing for. But let’s be honest, one days these guys will be invested by a super sideral energy from beyond and will show the world they are the best band ever. That day will be soon . Their energy will transcend their bodies and invades our poor souls to submit them to eternal slavery.


So there’s a guy with a white shirt, a beard and long red hair tied into a bun.

Chet faker between awesomeness and purest shit. it’s not a question of scene management (yes I use harsh unfriendly business terms) it’s just a question of what you’ll do to keep yourself at the centre of the audience attention. It was amazingly good from time to time – that No Diggity cover was surprising and enthralling; we all got caught into the game and yelled our “hey yo hey yo hey yooo” and from time to time it was a terrible reenactment of what would be the scariest (i figure it out) and cheesiest Billy Joel performance ever. But the audience was into it – i was not, i was snogging the beautiful Sara Stella. So best I can say, because my opinion is not worth the clapping and singing of at least (let’s say) a thousand people : keep going… keep going, people loved u so much…



The Shoes… It’s our last stop. And obviously not the band favoured by the French audience – by the way if your manner of dancing matches this description : moving slightly on your feet like a Parkinsonian motherfucker and making waves with your right hand in a self-conscious way – kill yourself bitch. Right now.

For some reason people have left either for a smoke or to die in total indifference in the cold of the street – whatever they preferred to attending a single minute the performance of this awesome band.

Awesome but conventional. The music was great and their reinterpretation of Underworld‘s Born Slippy was quite something… They displayed with enthusiasm their love for the rave acid of the 90’s but then something was slightly eroded in the genuine connection they managed to establish during their first steps on stage.


It was really a pleasant night, i didn’t leave with stars in my eyes but i was really happy to have taken the time to see Glass Animals and was pleasantly surprised by Seinabo Sey. During that night the focus was onto the voices, really valued from the beginning to almost the end (it was a bit difficult to distinguish Thomas Azier and Esser‘s voices over the loud drum bangings and basslines). Setting aside my small moments of disappointments i know now i’ll checkout Seinabo Sey and Glass Animals concert dates as they really have something intense and special that deserve particular attention.

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