If you really identify with the green, yellow and red colors; It’s very likely that you are a reggae music lover! And if this is the case, I guess you also enjoy enormously the magnificent descendants rhythms of reggae, such as: Dancehall, Raggamuffin and Dub, without a doubt!

But, if at the same time you identify with the power of the sounds of the EDM, the fusion between this two styles will send you to the space! And precisely this fusion of which we are talking about is the fusion that characterize this amazing duo: BANX&RANX.

Banx & Ranx is a Jamaican Electronic Music Group based in Montreal, Canada. The group was founded in 2014 by Soke (Producer / Artist & Dj ) and KNY Factory (Producer / Artist & DJ). The idea was born with the strong desire to make a hybrid sound between Jamaican music and Electronic Dance Music. Both founders share a love for the 2 distinct sounds but never perfected the blend before. This project needed the two skilled producers together in the studio to finally blossom. The name of the group was agreed upon after a list of names like: United Islands, Tuff & Tall, Ragatron… and Banx & Ranx. They tested it around their team and the last one stuck. People loved it. Basically, Banx & Ranx is a state of mind, a sonic idea behind the fusion of music genres. It can also be associated to fictional characters hidden in both members. The visual aspect is very important for this Jamaican / EDM project.

The band started releasing remixes of famous Reggae and Dancehall tracks. The remix for “Is this Love” from Bob Marley has over 1.1 million views on youtube. The other remixes are catching up and getting major attention all over the world. They recently remade the classic tune “Fat Boy” by Max-a-million. They are currently working on their first official EP and a Major Label compilation with artists like: Chronixx, Busy Signal, Gyptian, Million Stylez, Sizzla, Capleton, New Kingston Band and more.

The members:

He is a Producer / DJ / Reggae Artist that excels in song writing, engineering and vocal production. He is Canadian but has strong Jamaican ties coming from his wife’s family in Canada and Jamaica, traveling back and forth in both countries.
KNY Factory:
He is a producer / DJ / Creole Dancehall Artist that excels in song writing, engineering and vocal production. He is originally from Guadeloupe but has an East Indian and French Canadian background. He has a base in Guadeloupe and Canada, traveling back and forth in both countries.

Without further ado, here the dope BOB MARLEY remixes that they made.

As usual, killing it with the remixes of this classic reggae/dacehall songs: 

And their original mixes. Enjoy it!

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