Hi fellas!

Here is Nico bringing you the best new and old cumbia in all its varieties.

We cannot start this new post for cumbia listeners without bring some tune from “Tormenta de Sudor“, One of the compilations for the 4rt anniversary of Cassette Blog

Here is “Antibala” from the mexican project: Lengualerta.

Dat Garcia is a female songwriter that mix cumbia – folk – electronic and native sounds from Argentina.
She just released a free download album with the Chilean label “Regional“, called “Hermitaño Interior”.


And here we have a delightful remix by the mexican producer Yelram Selectah of the bomb track “Know what I want” from the new wave queen Kali Uchis.


And from Brooklyn – US, here is Captain Planet with one of the tracks from his Album “Esperanto Slang” that combines pure afro and latin rhythms:


We’ve had “Tu Guaina” tracks here but here is a new tasty one:


Robin Perkins alias “El Buho” has done a wonderful mix for the INI Movement. Its a mix about the moon and great tunes, here is the explanation of the mixes: “The idea of the 13 Mooncycle Mix is based on the natural time phenomenon. Within the system of natural time, it takes the moon 28 days to orbit the Earth; it makes this orbit 13 times each year. Each of the 13 moons possess unique characteristics, the purpose of then of the 13 Mooncycle Mix is to use each moon as an inspiration. Come each 28th day, INI invites an artist to curate a mix for the new moon, giving them total creative freedom to interpret, signal or share whatever they so desire to as homage to uniques of each moon”

With tracks from El Búho, Simon Díaz, Captain Planet, Sidirum, JWCM, Caetano Veloso, Nicola Cruz, Acid Pauli, Lulacruza, Blocktreat, Barrio Lindo, Populous, Chancha Via Circuito, Ouska, Thomash, Dunwich, Puelche, Tremor and more.



And to finish we have some oldie tracks. Old but not outdated:

Sr Lufthansa with a really nice remix for the Barrio Lindo’s track “El Aire”

Los Pat Moritas is an 8 Bit cumbia project from Buenos Aires that makes tunes like this:


And for the final lap…. one of my favorite mexican cumbia bands: “Los de Akino” with the fabulous track “Marimba sobre el mar”

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