Nazar – NIHIL EP [Rough Kuduro]

“Just heard the finals and personally it’s the best release of 2014, real talk”- Munchi

Here’s a new name to watch from the heart of one of the most interesting musical countries in the dance world, Angola. The place that gave birth to Kuduro, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Semba, Fodencia, Kizomba, Future Tarraxo and Zouk Bass!

This is the Motherland of some of the most interesting riddims & sounds to have gripped the Western dance world in recent years and which have been brought to greater prominence in the West via the help of the Portuguese New Wave, most of whom are in some way linked to Angola.

“Nazar” is that new name in the game!

“Rough Kuduro” is his invention – a brutal, dark & sinister kind of Justice meets an Industrial Kuduro sound with experimental drums which remind us of dark techno, breakcore and, of course, Munchi’s iconic skullbass genre!

As Nazar explains…”Rough Kuduro was to give another narrative – more politically – to our genuine music style called Kuduro. By exploring rawness and the extreme violence of the 27-year Angolan civil war.”

This ground-breaking and innovative EP consists of 3 mind-blowing, cinematic and thought-provoking tracks. Nazar is best placed to shed some light on them all:

NIHIL, my project – obviously inspired on nihilism – tries to translate into distorted frequencies, emotions as fear, anxiety, hate, the feeling of belonging to a rebel group, arrogance, Hubris syndrome and so on. ”

I. “Hate”

“….is my take on how the Angolan society was divided during that war. And what drove the violence of this conflict after Political implication and purposes. I think it’s really powerful energy that makes with stop caring around yourself and the possibilities that you may be wound and killed when you go fighting. So I just tried to translate in a song that can provoke you same thing. You’ll feel invincible while listening to it.


“….. – is the consequence of this main emotion.”

III.“10 000 Africans”

“….– was named after an approximate number of men it takes to overthrow a government in Africa. Angola is of course the main inspiration behind this work, but I look at other stuff going on all over the continent. 10000 Africans was named after a situation created in my mind where “imaginary rebel gang of 10 000 men, were heading down to the state head quarter to commit a Putsch (Coup D’Etat) while cheering up themselves, with evil chants, burning village on the ways, raping women. Shooting in the air etc.”