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4 years ago, we released our first Footwork EP called “Freaktion” by Middle Eastern artist Sabbo who used the American RnB scene as a major influence for the sounds on that EP.

4 years on, this time we take from Chicago, USA and go to the Middle East (via Greece & Leeds) with Sarantis for our next EP that features Footwork with some Trap, Dubstep and Grime thrown in for good measure. This new EP soaks in flavours from the Middle East region for a mind-blowing and ground-breaking collision of sounds.

It all started when Sarantis sent us a Syrian inspired Footwork track. We were mind-blown and so we asked for an EP. We shared some of our knowledge & tastes on the wealth of Middle Eastern music with him to provide some stimulation. He used some of that inspiration and came up with 3 additional tracks within 48 hours and so we now have this EP.

It’s an amazing feat considering the amount of time Sarantis spent on it and the results are simply sublime and mind-shattering. We’ve never quite heard anything like this ever before and we feel it might open up the floodgates for a Middle Eastern Footwork explosion.

The EP kicks off with “Harem”, the Syrian track that Sarantis originally came up with. It’s a brooding dark Grime/Dubstep/Footwork number that fires on all cylinders announcing the arrival of something new and sinister but totally captivating.

Next up is the title track “Karami” named after a certain Lebanese Pop Princess. Sarantis delves into Trap territory for this one, adding a certain Lebanese Pop Princess’ sampled vox and some darbuka to give it that extra oomph, whilst retaining that dark brooding mood of the EP opener!

We venture into North Africa for the next one with a Futuristic Rai number that will most surely cause an epic “Sandstorm” in the desert. The Queen of Algeria makes her graceful presence felt on this track as Sarantis weaves her call and response vocals on top of some crazy Tribal Footwork beats.

Finally, the EP closes with the funkiest track on the EP; “Leila’s Kiss” is firmly planted on your cheek. An uplifting Juke track where the worlds of Iran and Algeria collide with the West to create not war but exceptional cinematic beauty.

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