If you’ve been watching the progress of the Generation Bass label the past 18 months or so you might have noticed a lot of our artists getting picked and propped up by the Enchufada label too and vice versa, which provides greater exposure to them.

Would love to say that I loved the new Buraka album like I did their debut some years ago but sadly it really didn’t make me feel the same way. Maybe it’s a transitional period for them and they’ll come back stronger and better with their next offering, I hope they do anyway. I’m only really saying what a lot of people are thinking but feel unable to say publicly and you know I don’t shy away from those kinds of things (bad boy umb lol)!

Most good artists have peaks and troughs and I certainly would never write them off, I’m sure there’s more greatness to come from their ranks in due course.

For now, cop a load of this, a free remixes EP featuring the likes of Castro, King Kong, Jstjr, Copia and some others.

Some good stuff on this and so grab it:

Here’s what they say:

FREE DOWNLOAD –> bit.ly/burakaremixesdl

After releasing their third studio album ‘Buraka’, Lisbon’s most tropical band Buraka Som Sistema took a break from touring the world to invite some of their favorite producers from the Enchufada family to rework their new songs. The results were as unpredictable and varied as they were absolutely captivating, with some of Global Club Music’s most talented beatmakers contributing their own visions to this unprecedented – and 100% free – 6-track remix EP.

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