Marshall’s Best of 2014


Ok first of all this isn’t a thing I usually like doing. I think having a best of (any given month, decade, year), is a bit ambigious because I can always forget something or I could have never have listened to something that would make it right into it, if that makes any sense.

So without further a-do here’s what I consider to be the best/top-10 of 2014:

I tried to turn my focus away of super-hyped/super-known releases. I won’t distinguish albums/ep’s or a single release or free download. And by no means the top is in order:

Yung Gud: Beautiful, Wonderful EP

RL Grime – Void Album

Dolor – Sister

Whispa – Ancient Power

Illmind – #BoomTrap Volume 2 EP

Omulu X Comrade – Bagulho Doido

The Weeknd – Often (Lido Remix)

Tove Lo – Habits (Mala Noche RMX)

DZC DJ 2PeKes – Tropicaliente (Original Mix)

To end it off:

100HM – Hudson Mohawke

Oníkα : Cool Pretty Music


Def a name to keep on your radar for 2015, Onika. Who is she? Still have no idea albeit apparently she is resident in London. First came to my attention via a brilliant Dis Mag Mix.

She dropped another great mix full of weird and wonderful things for French Radio Rinse back in November but I just caught up with it.  Check it out and let’s hope we find out more about her in 2015!

Puto Márcio (Tia Maria Produções) – Mix Loucoia


One of my favourite labels of the past few years and the most exciting Portuguese label in the world, Principe Discos, have just unleashed this new mix from one of their artists show-casing all that is so captivating about the Portuguese New Wave.

The thing about the Portuguese Underground is that it’s not easy to reach out to some of the amazing young kids making music in that scene, most of whom have African ancestry.

However, Principe have managed to reach them and have been doing some amazing things with a lot of these unknown but rapidly emerging artists. They stay true to the underground with their sound and releases which preserves the magical essence of that scene and nobody else in Portugal is doing that.

On top of all of that, they have done an incredible job of reaching out to all the major blogs and magz worldwide to help spread this incredible sound, the most amazing sound of Transnational Bass to have emerged in recent years.

Another great thing about Principe is that the artists are the stars of the label, they don’t have some producer heading the label leeching on the kids talents or acting like some Personal Jesus with a bunch of disciples!

If you haven’t become accustomed to Principe Discos yet, it’s about time that you did if you have any love for the real Portuguese underground.

This is as good a start as any;

OtinaOtina : Basslines & Culture 3


Another great selection rom San Francisco based OtinaOtina whose 3rd volume of Basslines and Culture soaks in a heavy South Asian influence with Trap, Grime, and Dancehall.

In collaboration with SOISY.

It’s a great listen:

GameFace- Nightshift
iMC – Ramta Jogi (ft Awon, Tiff the Great,& Dephlow )
Nucleya – Street Boy – Dub Sharma Remix
Aazar – Masala
iMC – Kawa Kawa (ft. Delican)
SukhKnight – Work All Day (Footsie)
GameFace- Brutal
InKBoyZ x GameFace – Chinnavar
iMC – Doomed 3
Rimshox – Tere Liye
iMC – Butterfly
Popcaan – Everything is Nice

Dirty Deal Audio – DDA​\​VA III [Latvian Electronica]


Dirty Deal Audio is a label, a movement and a community of Latvia-based musicians and artists who have been sharing their love for music since July 2011.

This is their 3rd compilation with the intent to promote Latvian beats — weird hop, hip hop, beats, 8bit/chip music, skwug, skweee etc. — as well as the musicians themselves and any music that is related to their movement.

Tip O’ hat 2 AnnaK.

Tremor – Proa Remixed

Tremor 3 - PH by Mario Efron

Tremor is brilliant Buenos Aries based trio that combine rhythms and sounds across South American genre borders with digital vibes and electronic music culture into a sound that has been dubbed “Digital Folklorico” by NPR.

We’ve been huge fans of the act since the beginning of our blog and they just seem to be going from strength to strength as the years pass and they most defintely deserve a great deal more recognition.

Their dreamy, mystical, transcdental sounds get the remix treatment of tracks from their most recent album.

Really hard to take any picks from a brilliant remix album that has its fair share of thoughful and insighful remixes through to some bangers for the dancefloor but I’m really feeling the Blocktreat, Puelche and Filastine remixes.

Check it all out here:

Tune in to the Future of Music : URL FUTURE – “Time Capsule” [28 / 12 / 14 Worldwide Online Event]


Is there life after blogs, or even festivals, clubs and Facebook? This is a question that goes right to the core of our own essence as Generation Bass. So far, the internet has provided platforms where people could put their music out in the open. But due to the vast amounts of information, it have been blogs like this one who used separate the wheat from the bulk of chaff and make the internet processable for music fans, labels and booking agencies. But will this status quo be the final station of sharing and consuming music, or is there something else ahead of us? The new, worldwide internet platform URL Future guides us into the world to be.

URL Future describes itself as a non genre specific label.

We are an open based opportunity label.
We will always be on the same page as you.
Once you have family you’ll have family forever.
People will remember everything, its encapsulated on the internet.

Since 2014, they have not only been a music channel and label, but on top of that, they have been organising online events via the online-live music sharing platform On this platform, people can log in and navigate through different online listening spaces with an avatar, where they can, in sequence, play music to the attendants while communicating via a sidebar chat. These can be tracks from Soundcloud, YouTube or other streaming media. If you like the track somebody plays, you can tell your avatar to dance. In this way, community and a sense of space is brought back in online music listening. It’s like blogging, clubbing and chatting at the same time. We at Generation Bass are excited about it!

On 28 December : 4pm EST, will be the long-announced and largest event of 2014: Time Capsule, a URL/IRL 250 producer compilation via USB 3.0 bracelet released via a event, attended by nearly 400 people on Facebook already.

We will be there as well, come have a chat with us while having a unique, 21st century music experience!

Tune in to URL Future’s room here!


We reached out to the mind behind it all, producer-dj and label-founder Corey Setzer a.k.a. Unknown Artist, to find out how this project came into being and where it will head in the future.


I started URL Future in Febuary of last year. As a real-life promoter and producer I was looking to start a open sourced project to involve labels collectives and producers to be a part of.

In 2009, when I got into music, I had trouble finding my place it and wasn’t until I was introduced to a room called Future Garage/2-Step/UK Dubstep/Grime. There, I started connecting with other producers at the same level as me. Most of the producers I connected with started their own labels already back then. But it wasnt until early 2014 that I came up with the project URL Future Fest, a 4 DAY IRL/URL CAMPOUT.

We ended up involving 42 labels and over 500 producers. I was amazed that something like this could be done. Seeing we had connected with 3600 producers from around the world, we needed to expand. Immediatly after that event I created Time Capsule to be able to data mine 250 tracks from producers from around the world and release it on usb bracelet. And now, 7 months later, its finally here!

It all started in April 2014 when I found out my girlfriend was 22 weeks pregnant. Totally unprepared to give up the world that I was living in as a worldwide known 24 year old producer and internet addict. I could either give up and become a mindless work zombie at some corporation just to feed my kid.. OR, I could build the one of the largest online media marketing campaigns in the Future Bass scene! At that time I felt like I was like looking at a window that connected my computer to the world I wanted to create. It finally made me realize that what I was doing was important, and that I couldn’t just leave my dreams behind…

I found, devised and accomplished a new way that I could make producers and labels worldwide interact with each other. After making some goals for myself in the first two weeks I spent 2-6 hours a day before and after work writing press kits, designing the future and it all started when I created my own net-label under the named URL FUTURE.

In May I created a few basic google doc forms and a facebook event page for an event that I was developing called URL/IRL FUTURE FEST. My plan was to have 250 producers sign up, make a 20 minute audio/video mix’s and upload it to youtube then when finished I had the producers place the link into another form that organized everything exactly how i wanted it. To be ultimately honest I didn’t know 900 producers, 32 labels and venues from around the world were interested but they were, and showed massive support. In the month of May I was bogged down with so many emails, and submissions I had to figure out how I was going to make this happen.

Then it did…

I received a great call from the developers of plug.DJ who then gave me a go on our URL venue. Towards the end of the event we ended up scheduling 24 extra hours of original 20 min long mix’s from over 40 producers and hosted the event in 46 venues 16 countries and in bedrooms around the world making it the first and largest URL/IRL event having 300 producers involved over 4 days of nonstop audio/video and chat with original producers and their music.

In all reality I was able to connect hundreds of producers from around the world to an amazing 4 day audio/video stream in homes and venues globally… It was all from the comfort of my bedroom… it was a huge accomplishment. Such a large one that we then created a team days before FUTURE FEST just as the event was coming to a cusp we then announced our next project: URL FUTURE PRESENTS: TIME CAPSULE.

As you can see we are trying to build a home for producers who are up and coming to be able to release there music on a bigger picture with other producers from around the world that networking and energy can create many advantages. With over 15,000 producers linked in to our projects now we are still building and growing , we are looking to keep data mining producers who want to connect.


In what way is URL Future different from ways of sharing and consuming music that have existed since the beginning of the internet, like Myspace (mid 2000s), YouTube (late 2000’s) or Soundcloud (after the 2010s)?


I think that music the music industry has become way more open sourced in the past few years of the internet. When you think of labels like Def Jam or compilations like Jock Jams, the people who had recording equipment where already successful based on what they had at their disposal. Because they could share their music and because there was only a limited amount of music being recorded, nearly everything that was released was so time consuming that it could only exist if it sold well. Nowadays people can do everything from the comfort of their bedrooms they can connect they can create and they can network with other producers and labels who support the specific sound your ordinary bedroom producers puts out.

In the past the market consisted of labels and scouts of the labels who would find musicians or producers and push them based on brand and genre interest. Today the internet is flooded with millions of producers whose only way to make it is to help themselves by helping others. As a result, data mining is what has become most important. Successfully compiling and structuring information about producers, labels and fans who want to be connected.

People want to be a part of something all I can suggest is create a label, start a new genre, make projects for yourself and friends and grow collectively.  The more genre followers, the more resources can be put into growing new things.


Blogs like Generation Bass have created a very specific dynamic that has helped artists forward in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without blogs. Are there already musicians we could mention who have been ‘created’ by this new generation music sharing that URL Future embodies?


Think about tabels like Lush Selects, Left Of Field Records, WERK Records, Dark Xlouds, BLAMEgod神を非難, Safari Collective, Sacred Grove, Forward Thinking Sounds,**#POsT†ReL1GION#**, TWIY, Midwest Collective, SaturateRecords, Magic Yume Records, Deep Dream Banana Jam, Kolossus Records, Uzina Dub, Infa Tribez, ItalDred, Black Inferno Records and of course URL Future. They all make the online music scene stronger by collaborating, and teaching each other how to brand and create a signature image and style to music.

Imaging and branding by means of kits and portfolios is essential to that.


What can we expect from URL Future in 2015 that our readers can already look forward to?


I plan on starting up our Worldwide Weekly events, starting every Wednesday. We plan on featuring 23 producers each week from the country we are showcasing. We also plan on doing a northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest producer conference on the four corners of the US, in conjuction with a major hotel chain.


Follow URL Future:

Official Webpage




Next to the original mother platform, URL Future already established branches in Canada, Germany, Australia, Romania, Japan, UK, Albania and France.



The RSS Boys are possibly the most interesting DJ/Producer duo around and are shrouded in mystery. Apparently there’s 2 of them and they’re from Poland and prefer to remain anonymous. They say “as legend suggests – they met in the middle of Africa, in Benin!”.

They have released 4 albums, 2 of which came out this year “N00W” and “00 FLY”. They fuse raw Techno, often replicating an African inspired  rhythmical pattern to create a dystopian world of Post-Apocalyptic Transnational Techno. A mind-blowing sound scape that is dark, nihilistic and thought-provoking.

I approached them for a Top 10 some time back and they’ve finally come back to me with this list and here’s what they say about it in their own peculiar way:


So in no particular order, here is the RSS Boys 10 tracks that inspires their explorations and brace yourselves because this is pretty hard to find material:

* Miriam Makeba – Click Song *

* Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Africa 70 – No Agreement *

* Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Maestroes – Idogo *

* Tino Mab – Margarina Fina *

* Chœurs Royaux Du Bénin / Fon-Gbé D’abomey [Whole Album] *

We couldn’t find any links to music from this album, so here’s the cover:


And something similar to it:

* Cote D’Ivoire – Masques Dan [ Whole Album] *

Another that we could not find any you tube links to but here’s the album cover:


And something similar:

* Guinee – Recits Et Epopees – Chant De Louanges A La Memoire D’un Griot Celebre *

Yet another shrouded in as much mystery as the RSS B0YS themselves, so here’s a Griot as we could not find any links and more info about this RELEASE!


* Unknown Ethiopian Musicians – Tejbeit *

* Southern & Central Malawi – Nyasaland – Cewa – Manyanda *

Here’s the album cover & you can hear some sounds, read about it and see the tracklisting HERE!


* Animals of Africa Sounds Of The Jungle, Plain & Bush — Rhinoceros *

The cover and you can actually listen to it and grab it HERE!



Sarantis : Basmati Riddim


After his mad Arabian Footwork excursions on the Karami EP released on Generation Bass, which you can still grab for free below, Sarantis has been continuing to deliver the quality.

He dropped this awesome Indian Hip Hop/Grime number:

Here’s a bunch of other BANGIN’ stuff that he has dropped too ranging from Footwork thru to Juke and Trap:



Chinese President of US : СТР "Адија" Mix [Balkan/Folkloric]


The self-appointed “First Chinese President of US” aka Zhang Wěi dropped this awesome Mix of Balkan folkloric tunes siding heavily on the Romani side and all manner of things including Tuvan throat singers. It includes an awesome version of the Romani Anthem “Gelem Gelem”, learn more about this song’s fascinating history HERE!

This is such a great mix, beautiful and contemplative:

Here’s a translation of the “Gelem Gelem” tune and all that it stands for and also a further beautiful haunting version by the Balkan Queen herself, Esma Redzepova:

I went, I went on long roads
I met happy Roma
O Roma where do you come from,
With tents happy on the road?

O Roma, O Romani youths!

I once had a great family,
The Black Legions murdered them
Come with me Roma from all the world
For the Roma roads have opened
Now is the time, rise up Roma now,
We will rise high if we act

O Roma, O Romani youths!

Open, God, White doors
You can see where are my people.
Come back to tour the roads
And walk with happy Romani

O Roma, O Romani youths!

Up, Gypsy! Now is the time
Come with me Roma world
Dark face and dark eyes
Much as I like dark grapes

O Roma, O Romani youths!