For what must be one of the releases of the year in our underground circles (f**k the mainstream), the current rising stars of Breakcore unite to form an awesome unholy alliance on the forthcoming “Maigre” EP slated for release on Ad Noiseam.

This is sounding like an incredible release and it’s a bit of a dream that these 2 have teamed up because they are both the absolute dogs bollox in this genre.

Check out the trailer:

You can also stream some excerpts of tracks from the EP at the Ad Noiseam site HERE!

This is what the label are saying about the release and believe us when we say, there’s no hype in any of this, this is as real as it comes.  My mouth is salivating and my mind is being blown to pieces!!!!

A match made in heaven: Igorrr, well known for the madness of multi-instrumental epic breakcore, pairs up with Ruby My Dear, one of the finest and most imaginative producers of the genre. The result is an intense EP which seamlessly combines these two musicans’ own sounds and takes the listener on an impressive trip. Hardcore beats, metal riffs, growls, opera vocals, sub-basses, absurd samples, sudden breaks: all these and more are found in “Maigre”, not thrown aimlessly, but carefully wrought in an EP which might advance a whole music scene forward. Get this on 12″ / on CD / as digital files.


Born as a distorted and angry extension to extreme drum’n’bass, the always-changing genre known as breakcore later evolved into a dark and freakish companion to hardcore. Two decades after its first steps, it is again undergoing a transformation. Combining post-IDM production, humour and rave-like energy, current breakcore artists such as Igorrr and Ruby My Dear are at the forefront of a musical style which defies the year as much as it avoids the limelight.

There is no better pair than these two to explain where breakcore stands in 2014. On the one hand, Igorrr is undoubtedly the best known name for the genre, his tracks played far outside of its boundaries and his name spreading around every music scene. On the other hand, Ruby My Dear’s morphing of the hardest and trickiest tones with a rare human touch is leaving a mark on his peers. Their collaboration is a match made in a heaven for fans. It makes sense (and happened before with Ruby My Dear remixing Igorrr’s Whourkr project on the “4247 Snare Drums” album) and takes this sound forward.

“Maigre” (French for “thin”) is dense, varied and sharp, accurately symbolized by the sighthound on its cover. It took some time for its authors to mix their respective talents, but they managed to combine Ruby My Dear’s rapid-fire rhythms with Igorrr’s multi-instrumental madness. Add to the mix a heavy dosage of the former’s sub-basses and the latter’s disorientating metal riffs, you’ll get a record which accomplishes a lot in a surprising short amount of time, helped in this by the participation of Laure Le Prunenec and Laurent Lunoir (both Igorrr’s live singers) and of a few other well selected guests.

Ad Noiseam, which has released many seminal breakcore records over the years (including essential works by Enduser, Bong-Ra or Cdatakill), is proud to present an EP setting a new standard for this style. Igorrr and Ruby My Dear have come up with something fun and hard, but also impressively well recorded and produced, which asks for repeat listenings and which will clearly leave its mark on the scene.

Tracklisting: A1. / 1. Barbecue
A2. / 2. Figue Folle
A3. / 4. Alain
B1. / 3. Cuisse
B2. / 5. Biquette

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