Really interesting work here, the first track alone and its vocoderism’s blew me away.  Loving the whole thing, be sure to give it some time!

This is what it is about:

This is an album that reflects the different rhythms commonly heard in the neighborhoods of the province of Buenos Aires, all in the same “Zona Norte” concept.

Produced by “El Hijo De La Cumbia” and “Punto Rojo” this rhythms are born, mixed with elements of dub, “down bpm” cumbia, electronics “murgas” and a bit of “trance” why not?
All this soundsl lead us to a trip around the streets of the slums of Buenos Aires, what could be any emergency neighborhood in Latin America.

Emiliano Gomez and Adriano Lopardo joined their rhythms and melodies reflecting their influences from the cumbia “bailes”.