Tasty Transnational Bass mix here promoting a new event, full of those killer vybz and including a track by our very own DJ Paparazzi. Check it out.

Via FEX :

For 5 strong years the FEX collective has kept the tradition of highlighting international Dance music for Chicago audiences. With their concentration on emerging artists they have been able to lay claim to the title of being on the cutting edge. Due to the efforts of the collective, world genres have had a fertile Chicago breeding ground, with venues like The Subterranean, Coup D’ Etat, Harbees and the Double Door playing host.

Beginning in 2015 founding members NewLife and David Lozano will branch out to the West Coast. Although the personnel will be shifting slightly the party will still go on. With NewLife continuing at the helm he will curate the forward-thinking musical sounds that FEX has become known for. While splitting his residence between Chicago and California, he will also be working to spread the vibes nationwide.

Grown Kids Radio representative Mano is the chief West Coast affiliate for FEX. He arranged last year’s foray into the West Coast, which included Kush Arora, Oz from Afrolicious and the FEX crew. The “Wildfire” party at San Francisco’s Boabab nightclub was the spark that set these wheels in motion. The affiliation is highlighted here in this latest mix collaboration between NewLife and Mano.
F E X // Promotional mix by NewLife (Chicago) and Mano (San Francisco). FEX is branching out west in 2015, while still being based in Chicago. First Saturday will continue on with DJ NewLife and guests. Enjoy the mix…


1. Dengue Dengue Dengue! – R 2
2. Clap Clap! – The Rainstick Fable
3. Obeyah – Helicopter Riddim
4. Clap Clap! – Universal Modulator
5. Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory – Vem Rebola feat. Dema Pancha & DJ Mankila
6. 3 Beatz Musik – Hoje Não Saio Daqui (Oh Tcha Tcharara)
7. Marlldex – Voodoo Drums
8. CDM DJs – Dedicao Ao Maboku
9. Lurka – Nah So
10. Siete Catorce – Syncopate
11. DJ Khalab – Walkiana
12. NewLife – Em Conflito 3
13. Omulu x Comrade – Bagulho Doido
14. Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care (Dasilvio Armindo Remix)
15. DJ Paparazzi – Blue Love
16. D’Tok Produtor – Que Te Faz Doer Male Male
17. Haiti Ground Zero – ElectroVaudou 5
18. John Wizards – Limpop (NewLife Edit)


1. El Guincho – Novias feat. Javiera Mena
2. Batida – Mama Watoto feat. Cannibal
3. Just a Band & Octa Push – Boom Boom Boom
4. Funkystepz – Fuller (Rev VIP)
5. La Makina – No Me Digas Que No
6. Batida – Tribalismo feat. Circuito Feixado
7. Magic Drum Orchestra – Crunked Up
8. Ghost Writerz – Back It Up feat. G.O.L.D. & Shiffa Dan
9. Werkha – Tempo Tempo
10. Afronaut, Hector Calderon – Hecho En Casa (Landslide vox mix)