First: bitchs, I’m back.

Second: fuck, what a crazy year.

Third: Dj Comrade and Banginclude created a mixed of baile funk and jersey club in this great track called To the Floor. In portuguese To the floor is “descendo até o chão” in portuguese and Comrade made it sampling that. Creating a double language meaning track. You can download it for free, yes!

I did few questions to Comrade about To the Floor and here is:

Who start the idea of music? How was the process to produce?

well, for this track, Banginclude has started withouth any baile elements and asks if i wanted to collab. I thought it would be cool to have a portuguese translation to ‘take it to the floor’ so I added those vocals samples and arranged it, added the synths, build ups and drops.

Do you think Jersey Club will be the next big genre to mix with funk – as trap was to favela trap, and twerk to baile twerk.

As far as Jersey club being the next big genre to mix with funk… maybe.  I think it goes well with funk since its around the 130 bpm.  But keep in mind, people have been mixing Baltimore Club with funk for a long time already… and Jersey Club is the ‘brother’ of Baltimore club, and I’m from New Jersey.. sooooo it was a natural to try it out right?


I start to think the american BangInlcude is enjoying the baile funk culture, few months ago he released Barulho, which has a big influence of rasterinha. For our lucky, you can also download barulho for a email in bandcamp link! But first, check the sound:

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