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Frequent readers will know that I drifted off a bit into different directions for a while. Nico is helping me out with the cumbia since last week, while I am more focused on live coverage, network building and the creation of events backed by Generation Bass (more about that later). But sometimes, I stumble upon some gems that you just need to check out. For this post I chose to stick to the luso-Afro vibes of kuduro, tarraxo and afrobeats.

Let’s start with a new talent on the horizon, Dj Karfox. His innovative style fuses the minimalistic, polyrhythmic grooves of the Portuguese underground with the sounds of hard techno. Make sure you check out his other tracks as well!

There is nothing in music that makes my heart beat faster than integration of the different genres of global bass, producers using elements of each other’s style and hopefully, in the future, collaborating. Some amazing kuduro & tarraxo fusions with baile funk have appeared lately and it blows my mind!

First the legendary DZC DJ’s, who reworked MC Bruno IP‘s ‘Só Magrão‘ into a fantastic kuduro banger!

And here another short but excellent kuduro tune that uses a funk beatbox sample in a creative, forward-looking way!

And here RaphaelVááz a.k.a. RV Recordz fused classic baile samples with the hot, downtempo groove of taraxo!

RV Recordz is also becoming a very promising name in the sound future-tarraxo, to get an impression check out his two most recent absolutely stunning demo’s, which draw on sounds including oldschool electro, underground prog, synthwave and cinematic orchestral.. I just had to post them both!

Nidia Minaj is one of my favourite artists when it comes to a combination of originality, quality and talent.

She teamed up this month with two important names from the Portuguese underground: DJ Putoo Helder and Dj DenyCox, for two quite different yet equally powerful tracks!

But probably the most promising talent of all is DJ LyCox, who seemlessly fuses kuduro and afrobeats with sounds that remind of dark techno, deep, organic ambient or even some cyber-industrial flavours. Check out my three favourite picks from his latest releases!

Continuing with an equally powerful, dark-futuristic flavoured banger by PUTO W威尔N!

AVP REC言語DZ drops a fantastic, organic-flavoured afrobeats tune!

The Luanda based kuduro producers Dj Kenix, Pex Chick and Afro Mix joined forces for a spectacular, urban flavoured kuduro-house stomper, released on the Belgian-French netlabel La Brousse Records.

Closing the post with this delicous, live created kuduro-tech track by the French global allrounder Laundrymix!

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