Hi mates!

Here we are to discover new sounds and remember some good tunes from the past.

The year is ending and all we want to celebrate by the rhythm of tropical waves.

We will start with a new track from Barda, who strikes back with a super collage on the track “Ohio” from Justice with a nice cumbia whirl.


Pakapi Records is a new tropical label from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
They has release a compilation this year with great and fresh tunes directly from the chaman spirit of southamerica.


Zona Norte  its a duet formed by Emiliano Gomez (a.k.a. El Hijo De La Cumbia) and Adrian Lopardo (a.k.a. Punto Rojo – Tropikhongo – PecoKumbiaStyle). The sound of this project are reflection of the outside of the downtown of Buenos Aires. Cumbia mixed with dub and the unique touch of its members.


Fin de Año is a extraordinary album from Federico Estevez.
Its an organic trip that takes you through andean landscapes, tribal folk rituals and also the city madness.
With remixes from Barda and SidiRum.


Luna de Paita remixed by Andrés Digital –  Peruvian Cumbia Trap to the world.


Pedrolito Radioglobal bring us another great tropical bass mixtape with huge tracks, to enjoy the weekend with deep tropical sounds.


This week the remixes from the TREMOR’s album “Proa”. With remixes of Barrio Lindo, El Búho, Puelche, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Reptilian Commander, Rafael Aragón, and more…


Daniel Lucas is a amazing producer from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. His music is a mix of rhythms that puts you out of space.
This is one example, the track “Sebéquisai”


It was published a month ago, but it still as fresh as the first day.
Chancha Vía Circuito with a platinium mixtape: “Ahora Nosotros”.



Two beautiful remixes from Argentinian Francisco Di Gianni.

Delightful in every aspect.

First, Susana Baca “Maria Lando” remix .

And then, my favorite, Simon Díaz ‘s “Tonada de Luna” remix Delightfully.

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